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Manarola Streets
Manarola Streets  Image: rtilden (flickr)

Manarola Italy is the oldest town in the Cinque Terre region of Italy, dating back to the early fourteenth century. The residents of Manarola Italy make their living mainly by producing wine and fishing. Their local wine, Sciacchetra, has been revered for hundreds of years. In fact, historical Roman documents make several mentions of the high quality of the wine. Manarola vacations can be spent hiking, touring wineries, or exploring historical churches.


The cornerstone of Manarola Italy is the San Lorenzo Church. Dating back to 1338, the Church of San Lorenzo in Manarola is a Ligurian Gothic style church adorned with a rose shaped window, columns, a bell tower, and a wall overlooking the Mediterranean ocean. Like the churches in the Cinque Terre towns of Monterosso and Vernazza, the church of San Lorenzo in Manarola has a traditional Basilica design. The church is open for visitors on holiday in Manarola every day of the week.

Another popular activity during Manarola vacations is hiking on the Lovers Path. The Lovers Path Manarola weaves through the vineyards and hills above the town, culminating in the town of Riomaggiore. The scenic hike takes around twenty minutes, although you’ll most likely make several stops to marvel at the scenery. The trail has been recently renovated to minimize changes in terrain, making it suitable for anyone with comfortable shoes.

Manarola Italy has its own dialect of Italian called Manarolese, which is slightly different than mainstream Italian. In addition to speaking Manarolese and standard Italian, many innkeepers and store owners in Manarola Italy speak a bit of English. While you may be able to get by speaking English on your holiday in Manarola, it’s considered a friendly gesture in Italy to at least attempt to speak Italian.

No holiday in Manarola would be complete without eating at a local café. Most of the cafés specialize in fresh, homemade pasta, bread, and pesto, and use locally grown ingredients. One of the most popular dishes is farinata, a dish of Tuscan and Ligurian origin. Chick pea flour is mixed with olive oil, water, and salt and cooked at a high temperature. It is then cooked with a local cheese and pesto sauce and put into the oven for ten to fifteen minutes. Farinata is complemented by a glass of wine and a side of fresh green olives.

From hiking the Lovers Trail to visiting the San Lorenzo Church, Manarola vacations offer something for everyone.

Top image: Anna & Michal (flickr)

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