Milan Hotels

Ready to spend a fortune? Booking hotels in Milan is a good way to start. Devoid of the ruins and ancient monuments of Rome or the bright accommodating villas of Tuscany, most of Milan's hotels blend seamlessly with the city's financial and commercial districts.

But just because it is a focal point for the fashion, banking and communication industries does not mean that there are no cheap hotels in Milan. You just have to be a bit selective - since most of the city's accommodations cater to the wealthy, some of the cheap hotels in Milan aren't as well maintained as some of the nicer hotels.

When booking hotels in Milan, it is best to first check out the Antica Locanda dei Mercanti. Located a short walk away from the wondrous Castle Sforzesco and the museum of Ancient art, this hotel is certainly well-connected - paragons of the fashion industry often stay here while in the city. Regardless, this hotel is quite affordable and unassuming in its charm. Celebrities and artists also flock to the Antica Locanda Solferino, where you can find anything from detailed engravings to art nouveau in your bedroom.

The Hotel Rovello is nearby numerous mainstays of Milanese culture - the La Scala opera house and Piazza Duomo are just down the street. If cleanliness is a deciding factor when booking hotels in Milan, than this is the hotel for you. The rooms here are not extravagant, but they are almost flawless in appearance.

But these are merely the cheap hotels in Milan. The Four Seasons Hotel Milano might be the most ridiculously overdone hotel in all of Italy. In the 1400s, it was a monastery before being converted into a number of luxury residences. The intricate frescoes from the Middle Ages are now complimented by all kinds of bronze and Murano glass, heated marble floors and immaculate chandeliers that bathe the hotel floors in warm, white light. It sits on Via Gesu near the duomo, and to call it exclusive would be an understatement. Even the hotel restaurant is one of the best in the city.

The Hotel Principe di Savoia is a close second in terms of opulence and service. Its only drawback is the location - though it is quite close to both of the city's train stations, it is a bit of a hike away from the historic sections of Milan. It is also situated right on one of the busiest streets in Milan, which you can consider an advantage or disadvantage as you see fit. But the honking horns and yelling pedestrians are quickly forgotten with one glance at the polished marble and shimmering crystals inside.



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