Monterosso Italy

Monterosso Beach
Monterosso Beach

Tucked into a bay along the western edge of the Cinque Terre on the Mediterranean Sea, Monterosso Italy is the largest and most developed village in the Cinque Terre. Its population of 1,800 residents increases two-fold during the summer months when tourists come from all over Italy and abroad to take vacations to Monterosso and enjoy the picturesque beaches and hiking trails of the old fishing village. Tours of Monterosso and the other villages of the Cinque Terre are popular any time of year.

Vacations to Monterosso often start with a visit to the official tourist office, which is the only one in the Cinque Terre. The office can provide information on nearby hotels and things to do on Monterosso vacations such as hiking. Trails connect Monterosso Italy to the other villages of the Cinque Terre: Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. Most literature in the office is written in Italian, so it helps if you speak the language or have a translation book handy. If you’re taking tours of Monterosso, ask your guide if he or she can translate the maps and brochures for you.

Monterosso Italy
Monterosso Italy

One of the highlights of Monterosso travel is exploring the village’s architecture, much of which dates back to the thirteenth century. When you’re exploring the village of Monterosso Italy, take a peek inside the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist. You’ll immediately notice the fresco portraying the baptism of Christ painted on its façade. The church is a good example of the basilica type plan that is so common with churches in Italy. Just like the big churches in Rome, the Parish Church of St. Baptist features a central nave, two aisles, and a medieval bell tower. Another popular stopping point on tours of Monterosso is the church of Saint Francis where a number of paintings depicting the crucifixion of Christ are carefully preserved and displayed. Many of the works are believed to have been painted by Van Dyck, a Flemish Baroque artist.

One of the joys of vacations to Monterosso is people watching while enjoying a glass of Cinque Terre wine at an outdoor café. Lemons, olives, and grapes are grown on the terraced foothills of the mountains in Cinque Terre and can be found in a number of dishes. Some of the best places to get fresh and inexpensive Mediterranean cuisine are at Monterosso hotels or bed and breakfasts. Not only is the food at these establishments fantastic, but the people working there are friendly and welcoming and take great pride in their food and culture.

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