Naples Italy Attractions

Naples Italy attractions include everything from historic churches and monuments to large piazzas and museums. The Gulf of Naples provides lots of opportunities for water sports and activities and there are a variety of districts in the city that offer great nightlife, dining, and entertainment. As you venture to the best areas in Naples Italy, you will get to enjoy the history and fun of this beautiful and eclectic port city on the Mediterranean Sea.

Piazza del Plebiscito is among the most notable Naples tourist attractions, as it is essentially the heart of the modern city. It is a huge public gathering place that features a number of historically significant buildings and monuments, including San Francesco di Paola, a large domed church on the square and the Palazzo Reale, or Royal Palace. You can visit the inside of the Royal Palace and view the spectacularly restored rooms and rooftop gardens. There are many restaurants, cafes, and bars within steps of the Piazza del Plebiscito. This is one of the best areas in Naples Italy to begin your exploration of the city.

Spaccanapoli (or Via San Biagio) is a street at the heart of the historic center in the city and is easily one of the most important Naples Italy attractions. It was the center of the early Greek and Roman settlements and features a wide variety of monuments, churches, shops, and buildings. The Spaccanapoli district is filled with narrow and winding pedestrian streets that are teeming with people and excitement, making this an awesome destination to explore and have fun in a historic part of the city.

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples is one of the top Naples tourist attractions and one of the most famous museums in Europe. It houses one of the world’s largest and most impressive collections of Greek and Roman antiquities, including mosaics, sculptures, frescoes, silver, and a variety of everyday objects. Some of the most alluring exhibits at the National Archaeological Museum include the Temple of Isis, the Pompeii Model, and the Prehistory and Early History Rooms.

The Teatro San Carlo is also one of the most popular Naples Italy attractions. It was opened in 1737 and is the oldest active opera house in the entire world. It is renowned for its perfect acoustics and wondrous interior. It is well worth a visit to a show at this remarkable theater if you are visiting Naples.

The Naples Caves, Mount Vesuvius, and the remains of Pompeii are some of the best areas in Naples Italy for lovers of history or outdoor activities. Subterranean Naples comprises nearly 50 miles of caves and makes up one of the most unique characteristics of the city. You can visit the ruins of Pompeii, Stabiae, and Herculaneum and discover the enigmatic history of these ancient civilizations. These sites are certainly considered the best areas in Naples Italy for archaeological exploration.

Other Naples tourist attractions that you should certainly consider checking out include the Palace of Caserta, Piazza del Mercato, San Lorenzo Maggiore, and Via Toledo. When you visit Naples, you will also be within very close range of the amazing beaches of the Amalfi Coast and wonderful destinations such as Salerno and Ischia.

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