Naples Italy Car Rentals

Naples Italy car rentals can be found in a variety of destinations around the city including the airport, railway stations, and the city center. You have to be 21 years old and have held a valid license for a year to rent a car in Italy. Cheap Naples car rentals are possible if you reserve a small, economy car and attempt to make your reservations as far in advance as you can. The rates to rent a car in Naples are not any more or less expensive than they are in other cities such as Rome and Milan. It is just a matter of planning in advance and making sure you do not wait until you arrive at the airport to rent a car (that is if you want to save money). If money is not that much of an issue, you can just wait until the day you arrive to get your airport car rental in Naples Italy. The couple of problems that are obviously associated with this are that you may not be able to get the car you desire and rates will be hiked for renting the day of. One important thing to also keep in mind is that the traffic congestion in Naples is a serious problem and the public transport system is very efficient. So, you may want to consider forgoing renting a car altogether.

An airport car rental in Naples Italy can be picked up at the Aeroporto di Napoli, or Naples Airport. It is located less than four miles north of Naples in the Capodichino district. You will have no problem with Naples car hire here. Whether you are just looking for a standard rental from a company like Avis or Hertz, or wish to rent a luxury car, you can make arrangements for both at the airport. Prior to your trip you can decide which Naples Italy car rentals you are interested in, and then simply wait to be picked up or delivered your car at the airport. There are a number of companies in the city that specialize in luxury car rentals for those interested in living the high life in Naples. There are limos, Mercedes, Jaguars, and many more options. There are also many providers of relatively cheap Naples car rentals. These are companies that many people in the United States are familiar with. You will find rental desks for a number of these reputable providers onsite at the airport. The process of getting an airport car rental in Naples Italy is not difficult. Of course it helps to know a little Italian, but many of the workers at the airport are multilingual and there are information and help desks for people in need.

Once you have settled with the business of choosing among the Naples Italy car rentals, you can begin to explore the city. The Highway A56 (also known as the Tangenziale) provides easy access from the Capodichino district to the city of Naples. You will have no problem getting to the city once you have your airport car rental in Naples Italy. It only takes around five minutes to get into the city center from the airport.

You will be able to find cheap Naples car rentals if you do you planning in advance and look into economy cars. There are many choices for small vehicles, from Volkswagons and Fiats, to Peugots and Mini Coopers.



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