Naples Churches and Cathedrals

Naples churches and cathedrals are easily some of the most alluring destinations and attractions in the city. This is due in large part to the fact that the roots of Naples can be traced all the way back to the eighth century BC. The development and progression of the architecture in the city is evidenced as you explore its many districts and neighborhoods. You will see unbelievable works of medieval architecture as with the Castel dell'Ovo as well as beautiful examples of Renaissance artwork like the Triumphal Arch of Alfonso of Aragona. As you explore Naples and all of its manifold treasures, including the monuments and museums, churches and cathedrals, restaurants and cafes, you will get the sense that this is a city that is filled with tradition and a long and proud cultural heritage.

The Naples Duomo, located in the historic center, is the main church in the city. Although King Charles I of Anjou originally commissioned construction, it was not completed until the early fourteenth century under the reign of Robert of Anjou. The Cathedral of Naples (oftentimes simply referred to as the Naples Duomo) is dedicated to Saint Januarius, the patron saint of Naples. One interesting fact about the Cathedral of Naples is that twice a year a vial of blood that is said to be from the patron saint himself is brought out for public viewing. It liquefies, and legend says that if it ever were not to liquefy, something unsavory would happen to Naples. This is just a part of the folklore that is connected with the Naples Duomo.

There are many Naples churches and cathedrals to explore, but the one that you have to consider seeing first is the great Cathedral of Naples. The central attraction here is the interior of the chapel where you will find frescoes by Giovanni Lanfranco and Domenichino. There are altarpieces by the likes of Jusepe Ribera and Massimo Stanzione. There are also a variety of other artworks, statues, and other features that make the interior of this chapel a must see for anyone interested in seeing perhaps the most impressive chapel of all the Naples churches and cathedrals.

Santa Maria del Carmine is another of the most beautiful churches in Naples. It is on the Piazza Mercato and is in use as a church to this day. It is an attraction for its architecture, but it is also known for having been the place of some awful executions. Parts of the church still show signs of having received bombing during World War II.

The Cappella Sansevero, situated in the Spaccanapoli district, is one of the most beautiful churches anywhere to be found in southern Italy. The interior of the Sansevero contains some 30 works of amazing art from artists including Antonio Corradini, Francesco Celebrano, and Paolo Persico. The entrance way, statuary, and exterior are all well worth exploring as well. This is certainly one of the Naples churches and cathedrals that you will want to put on your list of places to see. It is located in the heart of the historic district in Naples within close range of other attractions like the Piazza del Plebiscito and a range of restaurants, shops, and charming cafes.



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