Cheap Naples Hotels

Cheap Naples hotels can be found in relative abundance around this large city in southern Italy. There are several varieties of discount lodging in Naples, including motels, hostels, and some inexpensive hotels. If you do your planning as far in advance as possible, you will be able to realize even greater savings. Whether you are looking for budget hotels in Naples Italy or the cheapest possible hostels in the area, you should have no problem finding an accommodation that suits your specific needs.

The Hotel Cavour (pictured) is one of the surprisingly cheap Naples hotels because of how nice and perfectly located it is. It is situated right in Garibaldi Square within very close range of attractions such as the Piazza del Plebiscito and the Archaeological Museum of Naples. It is also within easy walking distance of the main port in Naples, making it easy to reach Ischia, Procida, and Capri. All of the rooms are decently spacious and have large bathrooms. Some of the guest rooms at the Hotel Cavour even feature private terraces with very nice views of the city and historic center. Breakfast is served everyday at the onsite restaurant. This is one of the budget hotels in Naples Italy where you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a comfortable room in a great part of town.

The Hotel Potenza is another example of discount lodging in Naples that is well located and very reasonably priced. It is situated in the heart of the city center within walking distance of attractions including the Teatro San Carlo and the Royal Palace of Naples. This is a stylish hotel, especially when you consider the relatively inexpensive rates. Compared to other hotels along the same street, the rates are extremely competitive. The rooms are nicely decorated and spacious and there is even a pizzeria serving local favorites onsite. From this hotel you will be able to walk or take the metro to the historic monuments and Roman and Greek ruins, as well as the Naples caves and the Gulf of Naples. The Hotel Potenza is highly recommended if you are looking for cheap Naples hotels that are located right in the center of town.

Hotel Joyfull is one of the best options for budget hotels in Naples Italy near the airport. It is situated near the central business district in Naples and a mile from Capodichino International Airport. The metro system makes it easy to access attractions including museums and the Palace of Caserta. Amenities include an onsite restaurant, bar and lounge, 24-hour reception, complimentary breakfast and internet, and well-equipped, spacious rooms. You get all of these things for very affordable rates at Hotel Joyfull, especially when you do your planning plenty in advance.

Some other great options for discount lodging in Naples include Hotel Colombo, Hotel Garibaldi, Hotel Sant’Angelo, the B&B Bonapace Porta Nolana, and the Hotel Carlo Terzo.

You do not have to spend a ton of money to stay in a nice hotel in Naples that has good amenities and spacious accommodations. If you are looking to save even more money than what is possible at the above listed hotels, you will want to take a look at the hostels in Naples. There are a plethora that are in the 20 to 30 Euro range.

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