Naples Italy Dining

Naples Italy dining is one of the reasons Naples is known just about world wide—from tasty dishes available anywhere to the many famous culinary inventions that have their roots here. Anyone who is already making travel plans to Italy assuredly has expectations of enjoy some brilliant food. You will certainly not be disappointed with the food and wine in Naples Italy. There is a proud culinary tradition in the city of Naples that has incorporated the best elements of the various cultures that occupied the area over the past 2,800 years, including the Greeks, Spanish, and French. It was not until the eighteenth century that a distinctively Neapolitan style of cuisine came to be.

There are several trademark dishes that are uniquely Neapolitan. Naples Italy pizza is perhaps the best known of all of them. This favorite food of many people from around the world actually originated in Naples. The Margherita Pizza (named for Queen Margherita) is the most popular variation of all Naples Italy pizza, and as of 2004, its ingredients were standardized and even enforced by law so that all of the Naples Italy restaurants make them the same way. The law mandates that a Margherita should be cooked in a wood-burning oven using a specific kind of yeast and flour, as well as extra virgin olive oil, peeled tomatoes, marine salt, and fresh basil. During your exploration of the best areas to find food and wine in Naples Italy, you absolutely need to try this local delicacy and tourist favorite.

Spaghetti and eggplant Parmesan also have their roots in Naples Italy dining. Neapolitan cuisine can be loosely defined as rich in taste, while also being affordable to the general public. This is why simple dishes such as pasta that employ the use of rich marinara and other such sauces came to such prominence. At many of the best restaurants to enjoy Naples Italy dining you will find an excellent selection of pastas and sauces. The pasta itself is homemade and fresh and the sauces are like nothing you have had out of a jar.

Because of the proximity of the city to the Gulf of Naples and the Mediterranean Sea, seafood is also to be found in abundance. You can have a fresh plate of spaghetti with clams and mussels or choose from any number of other sumptuous seafood dishes that are caught fresh that day.

Food and wine in Naples Italy is a serious business. You will have the opportunity of pairing your dishes with a broad selection of wonderful wines. The top wines you will be able to enjoy as you experience Naples Italy dining come from the Irpinia Hills. The red Taurasi, Greco di Tufo, and Fiano di Avellino produce the best vintages. The grapes are exceptional for wine making in this region of Italy that has long been known as one of the centers for the trade and craft in all of Europe. Naples and the Amalfi Coast are at the center of the Campania region, a place known for its excellence in the field of wine making.

Whether you are enjoying a heaping plate of spaghetti, a Naples Italy pizza, or one of the many beautiful wines available in the city, you will not leave dissatisfied.

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