Naples Museums

Naples museums are an extremely important part of the cultural dynamic in this capital of the Campania region in southern Italy. It only makes sense that a city whose roots can be traced back over 2,800 years should offer a variety of celebrated institutions that houses the art, items, and artifacts that have survived down through the ages. In the eighth century BC, the Greeks colonized the part of Naples where the Castel dell'Ovo now sits. After that, it came under Roman rule for a number of centuries. Some of the best museum in Naples (like the National Archaeological Museum) feature the best preserved and most fascinating ruins and remnants from the time of Greek and Roman antiquity. Whether you are interested in the finest art museums in Naples Italy, the museums with the most archaeological findings, or all of the above, you will be more than pleased with the institutions in Naples.

The National Archaeological Museum contains a veritable treasure trove of priceless items from Greek and Roman antiquity, including an array of objects and remains unearthed at sites such as Pompeii and Herculaneum. You will also get to see one of the finest collections of mosaics, gems, sculptures, and everyday items from the period of the Romans, and before them, the Greeks. The frescoes at the National Archaeological Museum are the finest to be found at any of the Naples museums. You should certainly consider visiting Herculaneum and Pompeii to see some of the frescoes there (especially Herculaneum), but visiting the Archaeology Museum in Naples allows you to look at a wide variety in the same place. Together with the above mentioned items and objects, the Pompeii Model, Temple of Isis, and rooms dedicated to prehistory make this one of the best museums in Naples, bar none.

The National Museum of Capodimonte (or Capodimonte Museum) is located in an old Bourbon Palace. It is chiefly known as being one of the most important repositories in Europe for paintings and sculptures dating from the thirteenth through the eighteenth centuries. The amazing collection of the Capodimonte Museum rivals those in the likes of D’Orsay in Paris and the Vatican Museum in Rome in terms of the legendary artists on display. When you visit the Capodimonte Museum, you can see artists such as Caravaggio, Titian, and Raphael, to name just a select few. This is clearly one of the top art museums in Naples.

The Museo Cappella Sansevero is located in the heart of the historic district and is considered to be a shining gem among Naples museums. The chapel alone is worth a visit to this gorgeous museum, which features legendary works like the Veiled Christ and the Anatomical Machines. Even if you decide to forego a full exploration of the museum itself, be sure not to miss the chapel, which is one of the most impressive works of interior architecture in all of Italy. The ornate chapel, statuary, frescoes, and mosaics make it one of the top art museums in Naples.

A list of the other best museums in Naples is very likely to include: the Museo Nazionale di San Martino, the Museo dell’Opera di Santa Chiara, and the Museum of Prehistory at the Castel dell’Ovo.

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