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As the cultural renaissance of Naples continues, so does the flow of tourists to mix in the heat and dust of one of Italy"s greatest cities. Amidst the burgeoning pizzerias and cars caught in traffic are a number of fine hotels in Naples Italy. Many of their hotels also have some of the best dining options in the city, dish after dish awash in glistening olive oil and garlic sauces.

There"s so much energy and activity in the streets, a welcoming hotel is key to enjoying the city. Luckily, there are no bad locations for hotels in Naples Italy, only bad hotels. If you have the cash, there are a number of Naples luxury hotels available, many considered amongst the best in the nation. The best example is the Grande Hotel Vesuvio, overlooking the bright blue waters of the Bay of Naples and the fortified walls of the Castle dell"Orvo. This waterfront hotel also offers a couple different room styles - you can have guest rooms decorated to resemble either pre-war 1930s culture or go back further in time with the 18th century rooms splayed with marble, stucco and the odd antique. Located near the opera house, the Royal Palace and the famed aquarium, this is the foremost Naples accommodation.

Another of these Naples luxury hotels is the Grand Hotel Parker"s. Located on a modest hill, this hotel offers meticulous, ornate architecture and bay views unmatched by another Naples accommodation. With 83 units on a flourishing hilltop, make your reservations ahead of time if you plan to stay here - summer months find most Naples luxury hotels filled to the brim, and Parker"s is no different. The hotel actually shares part of the same building with the Hotel Britannique, where you can enjoy most of the same benefits for a significantly lower price. The decoration is spare and practical, with none of the luxury trappings of its neighbor. But you still receive the same views, and that is what makes this one of the most likable hotels in Naples Italy.

A confusing, but not ugly, combination of Italian and Chinese architecture, the Albergo San Germano is a strangely designed pagoda perfect for travelers seeking an unconventional stay in Naples. Just outside of the eternal traffic of the city streets, the honking horns and roaring engines do not quite reach this Naples accommodation.

The Hotel Royal is commonly the home base of other far-flung travelers, located in the busy commercial center of the city. One of the most popular hotels in Naples Italy, it rises 10 stories and includes balconies that provide a fine introduction to the surrounding scenery.

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