Positano Italy lies majestically on the Amalfi Coast, just to the south of the Gulf of Naples. Visiting Positano has become increasingly popular over the years, as this is one of the tourist destinations where you can enjoy both spectacular natural beauty and a range of fun attractions and activities. Just as with the other small communes around Naples including Ischia and Procida, the narrow streets and pedestrian lanes create an enchanted experience for anyone who visits. They are lined with charming artisan shops, cafes, seafood restaurants, and more. You will have no problem finding an array of things to do in Positano Italy, from visiting the piazzas, monuments, and churches, to simply relaxing on the beach or boating in the Mediterranean Sea.

Positano Italy has some very beautiful beaches that you will be able to enjoy should you choose to visit this destination in the Mediterranean Sea. The Spiaggia Grande (or Grand Beach) is a pebbled beach that is lined with restaurants and cafes. It overlooks mountains and there are also wonderful vistas of the hilltop village and lovely homes and villas that cover the area. Visiting Positano means that you will be immersed into an utterly tranquil environment where you can really relax and unwind. The only time this is questionable is during July and August when many Italians from other parts of the country visit the Mediterranean islands for vacation. If you want to enjoy the beaches of Positano Italy, and still be able to swim in the sea with far less people, the month of September will probably be your best bet.

One of the best things to do in Positano Italy is simply wander around and explore the various attractions and hidden treasures around the coast. It is certainly an artist’s commune, and this is evidenced by the great number of talented artists working and selling their original works of art to tourists all over the town. The enchanting location of the town and the quaint streets and lanes make this a veritably perfect location for any artist, and the tourist visiting Positano will certainly be impressed to see all of the amazing art that is produced out on the streets. Wandering around at night is also a great idea when it comes to thing to do in Positano Italy. It is a sight to behold when the sun begins to go down, and the gentle lights of the village are turned up, with the sparkling Mediterranean in the distance.

There are also a variety of historical and cultural attractions that are well worth checking out while you are in Positano. Construction of the unbelievably beautiful Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta most probably began in the tenth century. The gorgeous interior is absolutely breathtaking. You can walk through the church every day from 8 a.m. to noon and 3:30 to 7 p.m. The Torre de Clavel is another of the most interesting attractions in Positano. It is a thirteenth-century fort that was erected largely as a means to defend against Arab invaders.

There are many things to do in Positano. Be sure to enjoy the dining, shopping, and local entertainment, as well as the gorgeous sights around town. If you want to get out of Naples for a day or for your entire trip, there are also a number of good hotels in Positano worth considering.

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