Naples Weather

Naples weather is generally mild throughout the year, although the city enjoys seasonal changes. The capital of the Campania region in southern Italy is considered a Mediterranean climate, marked by wet and mild winters, and dry, hot summers. Although it does not rain too much in Naples, the months with the most precipitation are generally March and April, November and December.

Winter: January is the coldest month of the calendar year in Naples, but the average low temperate barely drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It begins to get up into the 50s on a regular basis in the latter part of February, and temperatures steadily rise throughout the spring and summer.

Spring: Spring and early summer are especially good times to travel to the city of Naples to enjoy the historic city and all of its attractions, like the Roman ruins and Royal Palace. When you’re speaking in terms of favorable Naples weather, the best time to travel is arguably April through June. During these months, the precipitation is relatively mild and the temperatures are very pleasing. The average high temperatures range from the mid 60s (in April and May) to the mid to high 70s in June.

Summer: July is the hottest month in Naples. High temperatures can reach the mid 80s but hardly ever breach 90 degrees. It is actually more common for the temperatures to remain in the mid 70s to low 80s, even in July. The city of Naples enjoys the cooling breezes that come from the Mediterranean Sea. It is a much more temperate climate in general than in many of the Italian cities to the north, like Rome and Bologna.

Autumn: The early autumn months are another fantastic time to visit Naples. Naples weather during this time of the year can be a little unpredictable, but remains mostly pleasant, with plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. The daily mean temperature in the month of October is over 60 degrees and highs can reach into the 70s quite easily. In the month of November, temperatures remain agreeable, and it rarely drops below 40 degrees in December.

Between the months of November and February you can also save a good bit of money in Naples since many residents are on vacation and it is the non-peak season for tourists. So for some, this can be the best time to travel to Naples. Accommodations tend to be much more affordable, although some of the resorts and hotels on the islands in the gulf may be closed for a couple of months.

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