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Naples Italy travel can be enjoyed during any time of the year, but there are certainly preferable times to travel if you rather dislike huge crowds, expensive rates, and muggy weather. Naples tourism is renowned for its spectacular Roman and Greek ruins, stunning Medieval and Renaissance architecture and art, fabulous food and wine, and alluring shopping and entertainment. But there are peak travel months as well as local tendencies that you should know about in order to make the very best of your trip. You are sure to have a lot of fun when you travel to this capital of the Campania region, but the best time to go to Naples Italy will largely be informed by personal preference.

The very best time for Naples Italy travel is arguably from April to June and the second half of September through October. The primary reasons for this is that the crowds are much more sparse and the temperatures are mild. Naples enjoys a nice Mediterranean climate, but the months of July and August can get oppressively hot and humid. It doesn’t help matters that these are two of the busiest months for Naples tourism. Generally speaking, from the beginning of July through the first two weeks of September, the city is infiltrated with droves of people coming to explore attractions such as Pompeii, Castel dell Ovo, and the Piazza del Plebiscito. Naples already has enough problems with traffic congestion and overcrowding of its residents, so if you are at all averse to crowds and long lines, you should think about avoiding the months of July and August at all costs. If you want to catch the end of the summer season and still enjoy the beautiful beaches along the Gulf of Naples, consider booking your trip for the third week of September. If you are committed to embarking on Naples Italy travel during August, do take note that many shop owners, hotels, and service businesses go on vacation for at least two weeks, generally starting in the middle of the month.

Starting toward the end of October and lasting through until April, the Naples tourism industry slows down considerably. Many businesses reduce their operating hours and a good number of hotels and other such establishments close for the season. There is, however, a broad selection that remains open year round. From November through February, the resorts on the islands of Capri and Ischia, and Procida are generally locked up tight until the advent of the warmer weather. Because of its position near the coast, these months can tend to be more mild than many of the cities on the interior of Italy. So, for those people who do not mind some potentially inclement weather, and who are most interested in exploring the sights of the city, this may be the best time to go to Naples Italy to get excellent bargains on accommodations and avoid crowds and lines.

The high season for airlines is June through August, so be aware that it will be more expensive to travel during this time. The winters are cold, but not terribly wet. Summers are hot, spring is generally mild, and autumn is the wettest season. The best time to go to Naples Italy will just depend upon what you want to do once you arrive.

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