Northern Italy

Bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia, northern Italy is a traveler's dream. Not only is there incredible opportunity to explore different cities and attractions in the north, travelers also have plenty of chance to take advantage of the perks of northern Italy travel and hop a few borders into nearby countries. This can expand the travel experience and maximizing vacation potential. The vast territory throughout northern Italy comprises extremely varied terrain. Picturesque, and definitely a photographer's dream, northern Italy vacations offer travelers a wide variety of things to do, including many outdoor adventures like cycling, hiking, and skiing.

Tours of northern Italy earn visitors a chance to delve into the beautiful, mountainous regions of the Apennines and the Alps. This area is a haven for hikers, climbers, and skiers, and home to several world-class Italy ski resorts. Anyone hoping to escape the frosty mountain peaks and instead head for other, warmer climates, will love the sweeping beaches of the Adriatic and the abrupt shores along the Ligurian Tyrrhenian ocean. Though the peaks and beaches are completely divergent, they are a fantastic example of just how different the many areas in northern Italy are.

Many cities in northern Italy are world renowned and permeated by history. Northern Italy travel between various cities is another great way to experience the best of urban life. Milan is one of the most famous cities in the world, where the business world meets supreme fashionistas headfirst. The city of Milan is often a high priority for many during tours of Italy. Both contemporary and historical architecture take the lead in this striking European city with city highlights including Castello Sforzesco and La Scala Opera House.

Other noteworthy cities in northern Italy include Venice, Turin, and Verona, made famous by Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Venice is also one of the country's most prominent art hubs, where visitors can peruse museums and galleries galore, showcasing both great, historical works as well as modern art. Venice is the capital of the Veneto region, home to diverse topography including the Alpine area, lower plains, the coast, and a hill-laden section that is home to Lake Garda and the pretty urban area of Treviso.

Anyone making northern Italy travel plans should include a food and wine tour in their itinerary. The Franciacorta region is famous for its savory wines, as well as for historic castles, venerable churches, Italian villas, and incredible mansions. Northern Italy wine tours most often focus on the region of Franciacorta as well as Piedmont and Tuscany, in central Italy. Visitors can enjoy private wine tours, see the Italian wine making process firsthand, and taste numerous regional wines. From these regions in Northern Italy come world famous wines such as Barolo, Grignolino, Chardonnay Pinot, and many sumptuous dessert wines.

Touring cities in northern Italy and enjoying most outdoors activities are ideal between the months of May and June and later in the year between September and October. Mild weather, a lack of crowds, and reasonable prices for dining and accommodation are the perks of northern Italy travel during these times of year. July through to September sees the greatest peak in tourism and the streets and country sides, mountains and valleys teem with travelers from all over the world. In addition, cruises to around the Mediterranean often include stops along the northern Italian coast, such as in Portofino The reliable constants during tours of northern Italy are the beauty, history, and diversity, three attributes that never change, all the while offering visitors a detailed glimpse into Italian life and culture.

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