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The most populated city in Sicily, the patchwork history of each of the island"s regions come to a head in Palermo. Any Palermo hotel will give you a base for trips to nearby beaches that rival Taormina"s, or merely a stroll around town, where the most distinctive architecture and museums on the island dwell. If you choose to fly into Palermo, note that you will be 20 miles away from the city, and hotels near Palermo airport are not always convenient for trips into town.

With the possible exception of a couple locations in Taormina, no other Sicily hotel matches the splendor and eminence of the Villa Igiea Grand Hotel. But like hotels near Palermo airport, this one is a bit away from the city center. Regardless, this villa offers one of the most unique stays in a Palermo hotel - it is set up like a fortress, going so far as to include battlements, watchtowers and even a temple in the garden.

For the most part a Palermo hotel is a study utilitarianism. But deep within the city stands the Centrale Palace, an intriguing blend of the Italian Renaissance and modern furnishings that developed as the original palazzo was transformed into a hotel. But it is the location makes this Sicily hotel so important, as it is just steps away from the medieval remnants of Palermo. The Hotel Massimo Plaza is in the same area, a spacious Sicily hotel with windows opening to the sight of Teatro Massimo and imbued with an authentic charm that occasionally goes missing in the city"s hotels.

Villa D"Amato is another hotel that stands out above the usual. Though it is only on the outskirts of town it is seemingly located in its own world - sweeping gardens and private beaches seclude you from the sweat and grit of Palermo. More idyllic than anything in town, it is highly recommended for those who love the area but dislike dealing with the usual crowds.

If you must stay at one of the hotels near Palermo airport, the best choice would be at the Jolly Hotel. A chain hotel to be sure, but it still offers the most comfortable and spacious rooms in the area.

Many travelers choose to use Palermo as a base to explore the beaches and other coastal towns of northern Sicily. But outside the city limits, you will find the quaint and stylish Mondello Baglio, near the popular beaches in the fishing town of Mondello, where you can enjoy the sun and surf without having to make the 8-mile trek back to Palermo.

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