Castello Brown

Castello Brown is one of the top attractions in the Mediterranean port town of Portofino. This area of the Italian Riviera is not only famous because of its opulent hotels, restaurants, and shopping options, but also because there are so many desirable places to visit with such close proximity. In a town like Portofino that is primarily associated with Mediterranean beaches and world-class shopping and dining, the Brown Castle Portofino Italy is one of the few truly historic attractions that can provide a diversion on your Italian retreat. Castello Brown is an easy walk from the Portofino Piazzetta and the harbor as well as most of the hotels in town.

Castello Brown is a fortress built in the sixteenth century to ward off the persistent onslaught of Turkish invaders on the northwestern Italian coast. It now serves primarily as a museum and offers guests stunning views of the harbor and town. There are also beautiful gardens where you can relax and take in the awesome construction of this centuries old fortress.

The engineer who conceived what would become the Castello Brown Gian Maria Olgiato. He came up with the designs around 1554 and the construct was complete three years later. (One can only imagine the labor it took to make such a feat happen so quickly). The fortress was enlarged in the middle part of the 1620s and remained largely intact until an attack by the British did serious damage in 1798 (during the rule of Napoleon).

There is a nominal fee to get into Castello Brown and you can spend as much time as you like taking pictures from inside. In fact, this is one of the very best places to take your camcorder and camera in Portofino. As you move up to the higher levels of the castle fortress, you will find that there are exceptional vantage points from which to capture compelling photos and footage of the Ligurian Sea. Portofino is truly so beautiful that it is hard to imagine any of your photos not turning out great, but this is a particularly good place to shoot.

The Brown Castle Portofino Italy is not just utilized as a museum and place for tourists to explore, but also as a banquet space and a popular venue for weddings and receptions. You could not really do much better than this enchanting setting for either your wedding or your reception. The majestic castle walls and the vistas of the sea provide an unforgettable setting for the big day. Marilyn Monroe has been photographed here and the Castello Brown itself has a long history of famous guests and legendary events.

You are guaranteed to have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the pristine beaches, world-class dining, and high-end shopping, but try to make time to explore some of the more historic attractions in this hot spot on the Italian Riviera. The Church of St. Martin and the Statue of Christ of the Abyss are also not to be missed if you enjoy historical sites.


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Castello Brown

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