Portofino Cruises

Portofino cruises are appealing options for anyone interested in exploring the beauty of the Mediterranean coast. Portofino is located on the Ligurian Sea in northwest Italy about 22 miles south of Genoa. It has long had a reputation as a favorite vacation spot for Hollywood elite, royalty, and the rich and famous from around the world. Since Hollywood celebs like Frank Sinatra and Brigitte Bardot made this the quintessential holiday retreat, people from around the world flock to see the pastel villa-lined harbor, the glamorous yachts, and the world-class luxury hotels.

Once you arrive in Portofino, you will quickly realize that you have entered an enchanted world. The car-free zone near the harbor and the Portofino Piazzetta takes you away in time to a place of elegance, serenity, and luxury. The only exception to the serenity is that during the summer months you will be jockeying for position with crowds of other people.

One way of getting to this enviable port town is by taking one of the cruises to Portofino Italy. Nearly all of the major cruise liners provide itineraries that include a stop in Portofino. Some of them include Princess, Norwegian, Holland America, and Oceania. As you might expect, the cruises to Portofino Italy feature a variety of itineraries that include stops at a number of magnificent port destinations. Just some of the alluring stops along the way in the Mediterranean Sea include Mallorca, La Spezia, Monaco, and that is just naming a few. For people who would rather see as much of the Mediterranean as possible, a cruise may just be the ideal option.

After you arrive here on a cruise, cruise excursions in Portofino could include any number of things, depending upon your particular areas of interest. The port itself is too small for cruise liners, so you will be carried to shore on a ferry. High-end shopping boutiques like Gucci, Ferragamo, and Hermes abound, as do world-class restaurants and hotels. If you have an inkling to get off the ship and treat yourself to a day of absolute opulence, there is really no better place to do it than Portofino. You can enjoy fabulous shopping, dining, beaches, wine, and culture in the same day. You can also enjoy the natural wonder of the Italian Riviera on hiking trails. The promontory to the north of the harbor has been designated a protected areas, as have the waters outside the harbor, making for a unique paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers.

If you are simply vacationing to Portofino and are interested in taking some cruise trips around the Mediterranean, this is also well within your reach. There are ferries that regularly transport travelers to the likes of Camogli, Santa Margherita Ligure, and Genoa. The views from ferry rides are breathtaking and the destinations themselves are well worth taking the time to visit. The resort communities in Camogli and Santa Margherita Ligure are particularly attractive because of their beaches (Portofino does not have a beach, although Paraggi Beach is less than two miles away).

Be aware that the busiest time for tourist travel is mid-April through September, with the peak months being June through September. Make your arrangements (especially hotel reservations) early if you plan to travel during this time.


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