Portofino Ferries

Portofino ferries operate regularly throughout the peak travel season of April through September and make it easy for people to get around to various destinations in the Italian Riviera. You can catch a ferry to Portofino from the likes of Genoa, Santa Margherita Ligure, and Sestri Levante. The port is the heart of the town and is located central to the downtown section. It is technically a tender port, meaning that larger crafts will find their way to the yacht moorage near the center of town. Cruise passengers are ferried in from this point.

The Portofino harbor and port are both small and elegant. The major cruise liners that stop in Portofino do not enter the harbor. Rather, passengers are carried ashore on one of the Portofino ferries. The port is renowned for welcoming some of the most exclusive yachts, as Portofino has long been a haunt for celebrities and Hollywood’s elite. The harbor is also very easy on the eyes, lined with pastel villas, welcoming waterfront cafes and wine bars, and chic boutique hotels. You will know that you are somewhere very special as soon as you tender into the harbor and enter into the car-free zone of Portofino, by the Piazzetta and Main Street.

It is not a long journey if you plan to take a ferry to Portofino from the Genoa Airport (Christopher Columbus Airport). This is worth noting because many of the international flights that are headed to Portofino as their final destination descend into Genoa Airport. Genoa is only 22 miles north of Portofino and the ferry ride is exceptionally beautiful. Ferries depart on a regular schedule daily and there are information services at the airport and at your accommodations that will help you find the right itinerary for you.

Ferries regularly travel back and forth from Santa Margherita Ligure, another popular vacation destination on the Italian Riviera. Not quite as big as Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure nonetheless offers a full resort experience, just with fewer crowds during the peak months. Other popular places of interest that you can access via ferry from Portofino include the Cinque Terre and Sestri Levante.

For people interested in exploring the farther reaches of the Italian coast, you can also take one of the Portofino ferries to Pisa, just two hours away. This is another fantastic journey by sea. An advantage of traveling by ferry is that you do not rip through the water as you do in so many other motorboats. Rather, you can sit back and enjoy the turquoise, crystalline waters of the Mediterranean as you anticipate your next stop. Many of the ferries offer beverages and comfortable seats.

It is easy to travel back and forth between Portofino and all of the surrounding coastal areas by ferry. Whether you are interested in visiting the Bay of San Fruttuoso, Camogli, or Paraggi, you are sure to be able to find a quick and easy ferry ride to wherever it is you’re going.

One of the main advantages to staying in this part of northwestern Italy, besides of course the opulence and elegance of the resort town, is the close proximity and ease of access to a whole host of other desirable hot spots. There are actually quite a few options for getting around Portofino and the surrounding areas, including by foot, train, and buses. However, taking advantage of the Portofino ferries allows you not only to get around conveniently and for a reasonable cost, but also affords the opportunity to spend time enjoying the Mediterranean Sea and vistas of the coastline.

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