Portofino Flights

Portofino flights most commonly go through an airport near Portofino—Christopher Columbus Airport in the city of Genoa. There is no airport in Portofino, and although Genoa is the closest hub and provides the most convenient access to the resort destination, there are other options, including traveling from Milan or Nice, France. Although the drive is longer, if you are already planning to get a rental car, you may factor in how beautiful these drives in fact are.

The Genoa Airport handles over 1 million passengers each and every year. Many people make the final leg of their trip a journey to the Italian Riviera and upscale hotspots like Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure. Once you know which airport you are flying into, you can weigh your options for transportation to Portofino. Ferries, trains, and buses are all viable options. There are also trains from Milan. Pisa is also just two hours away from Portofino.

Christopher Columbus Airport in Genoa is just 22 miles north of Portofino. You have several options at your disposal for actually making it to the city center from Genoa. Some people opt to rent a car, but this is not necessarily the best choice if you plan to spend the entirety of your vacation in Portofino itself. This is because the tiny resort town is perfect for exploring and getting around by foot, as most all of the restaurants, cafes, bars, and cultural attractions are within easy walking distance. For people who may be interested in exploring more of the region, including destinations like Santa Margherita Ligure and Camogli, you may decide to rent a car.

Assuming you fly through Genoa Airport to get to Portofino, you can either pick up your rental car or take one of the shuttles, or even a taxi (at greater cost) to the city center. It generally takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to make this 20-mile journey, depending upon the traffic congestion on the narrow and windy roads that meander up and down the Italian Riviera. For those people who are ill at ease at the prospect of either driving or a shuttle bus ride on some fairly intimidating roads, you can always also opt to take an enjoyable ferry ride from Genoa to Portofino.

The services at Christopher Columbus Airport in Genoa provide you with all of the essentials for international travel, including foreign currency exchange, information desks, and ground transportation to outlying points of interest. You will also find a variety of gift shops, restaurants and bars, and duty free stores.

For international travelers departing to the United States, you may be able to find a flight option with only two stops if your first point of departure is a large hub. For instance, there are flights from JFK in New York City to Milan. From Milan, you could take a train directly to Portofino, or a train from Milan to Genoa, and then a ferry from Genoa to Portofino. You are able to craft whichever travel itinerary suits you and your group best. Depending upon which airport you are flying into, you should look into area points of interest along the way to Portofino.

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