Paraggi is the name of the beach that is most closely associated with the Mediterranean port town of Portofino, Italy. There are no beaches in Portofino, and so this is the spot where most people staying at Portofino hotels soak up the golden rays. Due to Portofino’s prestigious nature, it is not at all uncommon to catch sight of a famous celebrity walking the beach in this upscale resort community.

It is a beach where you will enjoy a number of beach bars and restaurants as well as all of the public facilities and services you will need. You can also rent gear and equipment for activities like boating, jet skiing, and scuba diving. There are a nice variety of Paraggi beach hotels, most of which are adorned in the typical Mediterranean pastels that mark the impressive harbor at Portofino.

Paraggi definitely sees a serious influx of tourist traffic between April and September, especially during the summer months, and the beach tends to get crowded.

There are a number of ways to access Paraggi Beach Portofino Italy, but the simplest way is just a one-and-a-half-mile drive up the coast from Portofino if you have a rental car. There are also some hiking trails by which you can access the beach. It is an exceptionally beautiful drive up and down the Italian Riviera, and it is no exception making the short trip from Portofino to Paraggi. Buses also run every fifteen minutes from Portofino to Paraggi Beach and many of the top luxury hotels offer complimentary transport of their own.

Once you get to Paraggi you will be able to take in all of the beauty of the Ligurian Sea. You can sit back in a lounger and umbrella combo and simply relax on the sandy beach with a drink in hand. There are lifeguards on duty, places to eat and drink, as well as gear and equipment rentals.

If you are planning a trip to the Italian Riviera and wish to stay right on the beach, but also within immediate proximity of Portofino, one of the Paraggi beach hotels may be a fine option for you. The Eight Hotel Paraggi is the preeminent hotel located right on this particular beach. It is a modern and luxury boutique hotel that features thirteen expertly appointed guest rooms, and amenities such as a private beach and fine dining. It is within close range of the Portofino Piazzetta, the Castello Brown, and Santa Margherita Ligure. You could not ask for a much more picturesque accommodation. You will want to be sure to book your room well in advance to even have a shot at a room at this enviable, chic hotel on Paraggi Beach.

For beach lovers traveling to Portofino, you need not worry. Paraggi is a quick mile and a half drive and relaxation and many things to do await.

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