Portofino Piazzetta

The Portofino Piazzetta is the central gathering place in the main square of this beautiful and upscale port town. Designer boutiques and dozens of cafes and restaurants line the main square in Portofino and give guests the chance to see the Italian good life first hand.

The Portofino Piazzetta is not just a destination in and of itself, but also the launching pad for excursions and explorations of the surrounding areas, including Main Street and all of its high-end shopping boutiques, as well as hiking trails that lead to Santa Margherita Ligure. The arched porticos, pastel houses, and charming cafes lend to the sense of a truly magical Mediterranean retreat. You can sit back with a glass of locally made wine, sampling some of the sumptuous Ligurian cuisine, and watch as passersby in trendy Italian clothes stroll through the narrow, cobbled streets.

A major perk of spending time in the main square in Portofino is that there are no cars permitted in this area. This lends to a general sense of peace as compared to the busier outer sections of town. In fact, the only motor crafts you will see are boats, many of which tie up to the wharf for repairs or simply to stop at one of the many cafes or restaurants along the harbor. Portofino Piazzetta is adjacent to the port, which means that you will see a plethora of luxury yachts and motorboats of all varieties coming in and out of the harbor.

One thing to be aware of when vacationing in Portofino is the price of the food and wine. It is not at all uncommon for two glasses of wine to cost upwards of 30 Euros. There are a select few establishments that offer more affordable options, but they are few and far between in Portofino (especially in and around the main square), a vacation destination that first came to popularity from being known as a haunt for Hollywood’s biggest stars in the 1950s.

From the Portofino Piazzetta you can access Main Street, which is where most of the designer boutiques are located. Although there are a few shops where you can buy souvenirs and the like, the shopping scene in Portofino primarily consists of high-end clothing, jewelry, and accessories. It is a veritable shopper’s paradise when it comes to the top new designs from the world of high-end fashion. You can also easily walk to top Portofino attractions like the promontory, the Castello Brown, and the Chiesa di San Giorgio.

Many people enjoy a nice breakfast or lunch in the Portofino Piazzetta before chartering or taking their own boat out for the day. The Ligurian Sea is a welcome place for eager captains looking to explore the enchanted coastal port cities including Genoa and Camogli. You will not have to go far at all from the main square in Portofino to find everything you need, from dining and shopping to boat and equipment rentals. The most enjoyable thing to do is to take time to relax at one of the distinctively Mediterranean cafes or restaurants, enjoy a glass of wine and a bite to eat, and take in all of the beauty that surrounds you.

Image: gigi 62 (flickr)
Portofino Piazzetta


The Portofino Piazzetta is the central gathering place in the main square of ...

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