Portofino Shopping

Portofino shopping is a world-class experience to say the very least. It is well-known that Italy is a bastion of fashion, and some of the newest concepts from internationally known designers make their way into the upscale boutiques in this affluent resort destination.

The majority of the Portofino Italy shops are located throughout the waterfront of the breathtaking, half-moon shaped harbor. From local artisans and craftspeople to high-end designer boutiques like Dior, Armani, Ferragamo, and Gucci, Portofino is a haven for shoppers. You should not have any misconceptions about how expensive the shopping is here. Sometimes the designer boutiques offer slight discounts, but on the whole, Portofino shopping is an expensive thing to do. There are, however, many more items to buy than just clothing, not the least of which are wine, regional foods, and locally made art and jewelry.

There is a roughly three-block area that surrounds the port that contains the vast majority of the shops in Portofino. One of the main appeals of shopping in this quaint village is that the scenery is so beautiful. And this does not merely apply to the stunning Mediterranean waters and gorgeous coastline, but also the pastel houses, hotels, and charming shops and cafes that line the streets. The streets in this zone are free of cars. People generally take a water taxi or their own boat and tender outside whichever destination they are headed for the day. Portofino is also absolutely ideal for walking. People who are staying for the duration of their trip in Portofino may find that a rental car is nothing more than an imposition in a city where you can walk to virtually every point of interest, whether boutiques, restaurants, or cultural sites.

A great way to extend your trip beyond the time you are allotted is to bring some regional delicacies home with you. The amazing selection of wine (much of which is grown in nearby Cinque Terre) is ubiquitous in the city center of Portofino, as well as many gourmet food items like cheese and dried meats. If you are renting your own villa in Portofino, you may find it advantageous to shop at one of the local markets, where you can not only find beautifully fresh produce, fruit, nuts, and herbs, but also fresh seafood, poultry, and beef.

It is also well worth it to take time to explore the not so expensive side of the Portofino shopping scene. Lace making, which has long been an institution in Portofino, is alive and well, and visitors can buy some of the most premium lace anywhere in Italy. Artisans also craft various works of art from slate and jewelry is another favorite commodity in the city. Of course, every popular vacation destination inevitably has a few souvenir shops where you can buy t-shirts and trinkets. There are, in fact, a few of these in Portofino, but they are not at all representative of the overall shopping experience.

Generally speaking, Portofino is a place where people go to buy high-end clothing, jewelry, and even art. It has the good fortune of getting all of the latest items and trends directly from places like Milan not too far away.

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