Things to do in Portofino

Things to do in Portofino Italy include everything from boating and diving to high-end shopping and dining. There are also a good variety of cultural attractions including the Castello Brown and the Christ of the Abyss statue. Portofino also has the advantage of being in the heart of a fertile wine region. As you might imagine, the gastronomic experience consists not only of sumptuous Mediterranean dishes that incorporate local Ligurian culinary traditions, but also a host of wines to pair with each one. There are also miles of hiking trails and plenty of other opportunities to get outside and commune with the natural beauty of the Italian Riviera.


One of the many things to do in Portofino is scuba diving. There is a wonderful selection of dive sites from which to choose, from the Gulf of Genoa all the way to the Cinque Terre. There are twenty designated dive sites in all in the protected waters in between Camogli and Portofino, including artificial reefs, coral and rock formations. You can find instructors, and all of the gear and equipment you need right in Portofino. One of the most amazing sites in the city is located underwater. The impressive Statue of Christ of the Abyss is a sight that you must see to believe.


Shopping is a great experience in Portofino. Italy is renowned as one of the fashion capitals of the world and Portofino has the luxury of seeing some of the best designers’ concepts before the rest of the world. The high-end designer boutiques that are peppered throughout the pastel waterfront feature some of the biggest names from the world of fashion design. There are also vendors and small shops that selling locally made arts and crafts. Be sure to buy some regional wine while you are there as well.


For those people who want to explore the city center and all of the Portofino Italy attractions, there are a variety of tours. Guided walking tours come highly recommended because of how easy it is to get around to all of the sites of interest. Some of the best tours include visits to top attractions like the Castello Brown and neighboring resort destinations like Santa Margherita Ligure and Camogli.


No trip to Italy would be complete without sampling the fine cuisine and wine. One of the most enjoyable things to do in Portofino, Italy is try some of the traditional dishes. From homemade pasta and pesto to meat sauces, soup, and succulent seafood, you will find something to suit just about everyone’s palate. There is a good mixture of fine dining establishments and semi-casual eateries where you can enjoy nice views and a generally convivial atmosphere.


Many people choose to take the opportunity to explore the surrounding region while vacationing in Portofino. You can take ferries to a host of destinations, including Camogli and Santa Margherita Ligure, as well as Genoa. Between the months of April and September, ferry services are offered regularly throughout the day a list of locations.


Cruises of the Mediterranean often stop in the port at Portofino and cruise excursions can take you to the depths of the bay or to the high-end stores.


There are amazing opportunities for hiking and enjoying the outdoors in general in Portofino and up and down the Mediterranean coast of northeastern Italy. You can hike all the way from Portofino to Cinque Terre and back and make an all-day journey of your trip. The landscape is breathtaking, especially on the coastal hikes that afford views of the sea and the rugged coastline.



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