Portofino Italy Vacation Rentals

Portofino Italy vacation rentals make it possible for travelers to enjoy all of the comforts of home while on vacations. Most of these accommodations are luxurious; many come with amenities like furnished terraces with views of the Mediterranean and fine, spacious interior design and décor. The majority of the Portofino cottages and rentals are located along the waterfront and you can also located beautiful Portofino luxury apartments in and around the Piazzetta and town.

As you might imagine, there are a variety of companies that will be more than happy to accommodate your desires to rent one of the Portofino luxury condos on the Mediterranean. These elegant homes are often painted in pastels, a theme that carries over to other parts of the Riviera, including Santa Margherita Ligure and Camogli.

Since Portofino is a world-renowned vacation spot, the finest rentals accommodate even the choosiest international travelers. While the exterior of many of the Portofino cottages maintain a timeless appeal and historic aspect, in most cases the interior is renovated to give the guest the most comfortable and pleasurable experience. As an example, you may enjoy amenities like a flat screen television and hot tub, or even a saltwater swimming pool. And as amazing as the amenities may be, perhaps the best reason to rent a condo in Portofino is the location. Many of the finest rentals in this port city enjoy magnificent vantage points from which to treasure views of the turquoise and sparkling Mediterranean.

A major advantage of renting Portofino cottages and condos is that you are given supreme discretion in terms of the size, style, and location of your place. There are Portofino luxury apartments that may be perfectly suitable for a couple or a few friends, and there are also estate-like homes that feature ample space and access to the best areas for the world-class shopping, dining, and outdoor experience in Portofino. Even if you are traveling with a huge family, you need not worry about finding a place to fit everyone in. There are Portofino Italy vacation rentals that easily sleep ten people, while there are still others that might be perfect for a couple seeking a quaint and romantic getaway.

Since many of the cottages and condos are located along the waterfront, you will be within close proximity of the port and nearby destinations like Paraggi, Genoa, and Camogli. Camogli is less than two miles north of Portofino and Genoa can be reached in around a half hour. Also, you can take one of the breathtaking ferry rides around to Santa Margherita Ligure to get a taste of a similar, yet smaller resort like Portofino. There is no shortage of things to do in Portofino, from diving and boating, to dining and shopping at high-end designer boutiques.

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