Portofino Villas

Portofino villas are popular choices for accommodations in this Mediterranean port city. You can find villas of all sizes dispersed along the waterfront. The pastel coloring of many of the villas lends to the Mediterranean charm of the Italian Riviera, and this convention holds true in other such areas like Santa Margherita Ligure (a similar but smaller resort destination to the northeast of Portofino). Many people prefer Portofino Italy villa rentals to hotels in the area because they are afforded greater discretion in choosing the exact accommodation that suits their specific needs. There are villas that are perfect for a small family or even a couple on their honeymoon as well as very large homes for rent with virtually every conceivable amenity. The most popular villas are located on the waterfront and offer views of the Ligurian Sea.

As you are making your Portofino vacation plans, you are going to want to factor in the popularity of this resort town in northwestern Italy between the months of April and October. These months constitute the main tourist travel season in Portofino when the ferries and trains run on a regular, daily schedule and things to do are at their peak. Although Portofino is perhaps best known as a favorite haunt of Hollywood’s elite and its high-end shopping and fine dining, there are many things to do besides soaking in the good life. In fact, you may relish your time in Portofino most when you are outdoors enjoying the sheer, natural beauty of the landscape and coast. The finest Portofino Italy villa rentals offer views of the Ligurian Sea and fantastic amenities, from private swimming pools and solariums to furnished terraces and hot tubs.

The enchanting Ligurian Sea and the Italian Riviera is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, promontories, hiking trails, and marine protected areas. People traveling to Portofino have at their disposal everything from scuba diving and snorkeling in pristine, protected waters, to chartering yachts or sailboats. One of the things you’ll want to factor in as you are perusing available Portofino villas is its proximity to things you are interested. There is no beach in Portofino, but Paraggi Beach is a stone’s throw away and many people staying in Portofino go to this beach. Most of the villa rentals in Portofino are located along the waterfront and provide easy access not only to Paraggi and other beaches like Santa Margherita Ligure, but also to the port and Main Street where you will find the designer boutiques and a beautiful variety of restaurants and cafes.

If you are traveling with a large family, or otherwise a large group of people, one of the Portofino villas may be an ideal alternative to booking multiple hotel rooms. This can sometimes be even pricier than staying at sizable villas in Portofino, though it should be noted that, generally speaking, the villas in Portofino are usually expensive. Be sure to make your plans as far in advance as possible and secure your villa before they all fill up during the peak travel season. You are sure to enjoy the range of diverse activities outdoors, the amazing shopping and dining, and the relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere.

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