Portofino Weather

Portofino weather is one of the chief draws to this upscale resort destination on the Italian Mediterranean. The weather is accommodating for tourism throughout the year, although the summer is the peak tourist travel season in the region. Generally, the months of June through August are the hottest and driest months in this part of the Italian Riviera. The weather is predictably hot (and humid) and ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities, from boating to diving and swimming, from the middle part of spring straight through to the end of autumn. Even in the coldest months in this part of northwestern Italy, travelers will enjoy temperatures that range in the mid-50s during the day and hardly ever drop below freezing at night.

Winter: The winter months in Portofino have to be viewed in light of the fact that it is still the Mediterranean coast, and as such, the temperatures never tend to drop below freezing. Average temperatures during the winter months of December through March regularly see temperatures in the 50s (and sometimes 60s) during the day. For those people who do not mind the cooler weather and are more interested in the experience of being in Portofino, this may be a perfect time. It is the least crowded time of the year.

Spring: The spring brings new life to the picturesque resort village as the coastline and interior are emblazoned with impressive hues. The temperatures begin their steady ascent into the 70s by April, and from that point forward, it only gets better. There are some rainy days during the spring, but they are nominal in light of how many days of sunshine there are monthly.

Summer: This is the hottest, most humid, and also most popular time for Portofino vacations. Although it tends to be crowded, the weather is consistently hot and perfectly conducive to the many water related activities that are available in this port town. People enjoy everything from diving and snorkeling to boating and fishing. It is not at all uncommon for temperatures to exceed the low 90s on the hottest summer days, and with the summer heat comes the most seasonal humidity in Portofino. Luckily enough you have the beautiful Mediterranean in which to cool off.

Autumn: Together with spring, autumn makes up the second most popular time to travel to Portofino besides the summer. These shoulder seasons provide temperate and accommodating weather and less tourist crowding. Indian summers are common in the autumn as temperatures can hang on in the 70s and 80s well into November.

Top image: Jukk_a (flickr)

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