Puglia Italy, or Apulia as it’s also known, is a patchwork of scenes; sprawling olive groves, coastal towns and hilltop villages, seascapes, and stretching landscapes. The prvonce has a rich history, and some of the oldest and most interesting archeological sites in the country. Located in Southern Italy, Puglia is east of Naples and part of the boot’s “heel” making up the southern region. The sea here is exceptionally bright, the architecture and art is diverse, and the people are incredibly welcoming. There is all that beauty and very few tourists. This is part of the allure of the area for those who want to experience an area not filled with normal touristy things and to visit some of the best unknown beaches in the south.

Puglia Italy features more than 550 miles of coastline along two European seas, the Ionian and the Adriatic. Then it makes complete sense that some of the country’s most beautiful, and least known beaches are in the area. Across the expanse are amazing, old gnarly pine trees colored deep, lush green topping off alpine cliffs that seem to touch the sky. This scene at the Salento peninsula is memorable indeed. Northern Apulia Italy hits you like an endless Caribbean island, with miles of sand-drenched beaches such as Punta Della Suina, where sunsets set the sky afire. Some of the best scenery - and swimming – is at Torre Guaceto, where white sand beaches touch on aquamarine water that reflects back the images of tall pines backing the beach behind.

There are many attractions in and around Puglia Italy, so a rental car can make a lot of sense depending on how far one might want to wander. There are also a good number of hotels and luxury resorts to hunker down in. Within Puglia is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Trulli of Alberobello, old limestone homes demonstrating true acumen in the art of drywall casting which is a prehistoric way of constructing that is still used in the Puglia region. The buildings, located in the Valle d'Itria within the tri-cities of Taranto, Brindisi, and Bari, date back to the 14th century.

Vecchia Bari, or Old Town Bari in Apulia Italy, is an interesting stop during Italy tours for a day’s exploration. Basilica di San Nicola is at the heart of old town, an 11th century Romanesque church definitely worth a look. Old Town Bari’s densest tourist area includes the narrow laneways around the church where there are small shops and souvenir stalls. Along the opposite church side visitors can walk along the old walls and peer over the road for a nice sea view. If there’s time, take in a football match at Stadio San Nicola (designed for the 1990 World Cup), or hit the public beach for some surf and sand.

Castel de Monte in Puglia Italy is an ancient castle in a small town called Andria within the Puglia Italy region. It was built in the 13th century and is now maintained as a World Heritage Site. In the 1240s Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II had the castle built with nary a defensive design in site. Without a drawbridge or moat, it was thought this could have been a home (it is located in a site that was once extremely fertile with access to plenty of water).  Nearby are the Apulia Italy wine makers in the Castel del Monte wine region where tastes of delectable Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Aglianico, and Montepulciano are up for grabs.

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