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Every art lover will genuinely appreciate the beauty of the revered Byzantine mosaics dispersed throughout Ravenna Italy in the northeast. The mosaics are what draw tourists in for a trip to Ravenna Italy initially, but the charm and beauty of the area easily prolongs a visit. The mosaics are considered some of the finest specimens outside of Turkey's capital of Istanbul. In ancient times, Ravenna used to be a bustling sea port but with the effects of climate change, the port is actually a few miles inland.

The most fascinating historic aspects of Ravenna are woven deep within the city's past. Ravenna's emperor Augustus brought the city to power in the first century B.C. He constructed a naval base and a port at Classe-a nearby town thriving with archaeologists excavating the site for historical monuments and artifacts to be displayed in Italian museums. Ravenna was, in 402 AD, the capital of the Western Empire In the next century it was ruled by the Arian Ostrogoths and the Thedorics. Ravenna joined the Byzantyine Empire in 540 AD. The meticulous mosaics span the Roman, Ostrogothic, and Byzantine periods.

Modern day Ravenna Italy is a congenial town populated by approximately 140,000 people. It's located in the Emilia Romagna close to the Adriatic coast. It resembles many of the old Italian cities through northern Italy, central Italy, and southern Italy. It is dotted with pleasant shops, old, cobbled streets, and tranquil town squares. What sets a trip to Ravenna Italy apart are the Byzantine cloisters topping the churches, conjuring the city's Eastern legacy. The mosaics, along with the churches, are all designated as a World Heritage Site. This epithet is what has encouraged thousands of tourists to take a side trip to Ravenna Italy from more densely touristed areas.

Anyone with Ravenna travel plans should not miss out on the many incredible religious sites found throughout the city. Tours of these religious sites reveal the integral essence of the city and offers a look into the region's interesting past. Seven of Ravenna's eight primary religious sites are home to the celebrated tile mosaics. All eight are individually marked UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, the fifth-century Neonian Baptistery, and the San Vitale Basilica are where the most important and beautiful collections are in Ravenna Italy. There are multitudes of mosaics at San Giovanni Evangelista, Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, and Sant'Apollinare found in Classe, which is a suburb of Ravenna.

Apart from the mosaics, there are other things to do in Ravenna. Dante's tomb, numerous significant Roman sites, several museums, and many events and celebrated holidays are points of interest. The core of Ravenna is both a historic center and a pedestrian thoroughfare. A walk through the center is a must when making Ravenna travel plans. It is both geographically and culturally the heart and soul of Ravenna. In the epicenter of the city there are many hotels to choose from when enjoying a trip to Ravenna Italy. The most distinguished of all Ravenna hotels is Ostello Galletti Abbiosi, a former eighteenth-century palace.

Dining in Ravenna Italy offers a favorable taste of Italian cuisine. An extra perk is the renowned cuisine of the Emilia-Romagna territory. Shopping in Ravenna is pleasant as well, with many small, unique shops as well as a once-monthly antiques market. Anyone hoping to take a day trip to Ravenna can easily do so from Venice, Faenza, Bologna, and Ferrara by train, and from Treviso via a short plane ride. Another potential day trip on a Ravenna travel itinerary is the one-hour train ride south along the Adriatic to the historic seaside resort of Rimini, where rich history combined with fresh ocean air and pretty scenery is an irresistible equation.

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