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Rome airport travel primarily arrives through Da Vinci International, often referred to as Fiumicino Airport, because of its proximity to the Commune of Fiumicino in southwest Rome. There are three airports in Rome, but Da Vinci International Airport is by far the largest and busiest in the city, and in Italy overall as well. It is the sixth busiest airport in Europe in terms of passenger traffic. Ciampino Airport is older than the primary Rome international airport and serves as both a military and civilian hub. The third Rome airport is Roma-Urbe Airport, but it is rarely used except for helicopters and private planes.

Rome Ciampino Airport
Rome Ciampino Airport  Image: Sean MacEntee (flickr)

As you make your plans for things to do and see on your trip to Rome, the last thing you want to have to do is worry about details such as how to get around the airport, where to find appropriate public transport, and whether or not there are services available like currency exchanges and ATMs. Rest assured, if you are passing through Da Vinci International Airport, you will have no problem finding all of the services and accommodations you need, as well as valuable information kiosks located in each of the three terminals at this Rome airport. There are not only three large passenger holding areas with plenty of places to eat and drink, but also convention facilities that can handle any major business gathering or function that your company may have, and an extensive variety of stores selling both Italian and international brands. There are also duty free shops, cafes, and bars and restaurants to suit just about anyone’s taste.

Rome International Airport is approximately sixteen miles southwest of Rome. The city center is easily accessible via train, taxi, or bus. If you are planning to pick up a train to take into the city, plan on spending about 30 minutes riding. The public transportation system will carry you as far as the central station in Rome, Termini Station.

Rome Italy Airports
Rome Italy Airports

If you are traveling within Italy, you will likely be departing from Terminal A. Terminal A handles virtually all domestic flights leaving Da Vinci International Airport, while Terminal B serves both domestic and international flights. Terminal C is reserved for transatlantic flights. In each of the three terminals, there are information kiosks with touch screen capabilities that make searching for your flight or a particular area of the airport a relative breeze. As the sixth busiest airport in Europe, Rome International Airport must be equipped to handle the needs of the millions of passengers that pass through its gates each and every year. Luckily enough for all of those traveling through Rome on international flights, Da Vinci International has all the bases covered. Besides all of the information kiosks, there are over 130 stores that sell a wide variety of goods. You will be looking for public transportation on the ground level of the airport, where buses, cabs, and shuttles run people into the city center intermittently. After you have landed in Rome, you can get on with the fun and excitement of exploring and enjoying the attractions of one of the most historic cities in Europe.

Top image: PhillipC (flickr)
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