Civitavecchia is an ancient town in the Lazio region of central Italy. It is located within the province of Rome although it is about an hour’s drive from the port city to Rome proper. Civitavecchia cruise ship tours provide an attractive alternative to a bus ride to Rome. Climb aboard a cruise ship and set sail on the Tyrrhenian Sea for any number of destinations from which you can choose. Perhaps you are not only interested in visiting Rome on your Civitavecchia port excursions, but also ports of call including Florence, Barcelona, Sardinia, and Naples. It is possible to travel direct to all of these places and more from Civitavecchia. Tourism is by far the main industry in this ancient city (whose name literally translates as “ancient city”). There are ferries and cruise ships that provide Civitavecchia tours customized to your exact specifications.

Many tour providers start the Civitavecchia tours with an exploration of the ancient city itself before traveling on to other destinations like Rome, or more specifically tours of places like Vatican City or art history walking tours of the Vatican Museums. You may also be traveling from another destination to Civitavecchia for a full-day tour of the port city in central Italy. Having a guide along as you tour Civitavecchia allows you to gain an insider’s understanding of the history of the port city. The construction of the harbor dates back to the second century when the Emperor Trajan commissioned the work. You will see Michelangelo’s Fort, commissioned by Pope Julius II as a means of defending the port of Rome, the Terme Taurine Baths, and the breathtaking Cathedral of San Francesco d’Assisi. Civitavecchia port excursions are especially popular for those interested in exploring the most historically significant sights in Rome and greater central Italy.

Civitavecchia cruise ship tours all depart from the port next to the city. When you make your arrangements, you will be given an itinerary including departure and return times. A typical cruise tour from Civitavecchia to Rome lasts from approximately 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., although you can book longer tours, and multiple-day excursions. It takes about 90 minutes to arrive in Rome via cruise ship from Civitavecchia. If you are booking one of the private Civitavecchia cruise ship tours, there are providers that offer something of a more luxurious experience. For instance, certain companies are willing to provide transport from the airport or a ferry transfer from another port.

Many of these companies also specialize in working with their clients on tailoring customized Civitavecchia cruise ship tours that allow you to shape your own itinerary in virtually every way. From where you eat lunch to the sights you see while in Rome, it is entirely up to you. You do of course have at your disposal the expert recommendations of the tour guide. You can expect to pay more for these kinds of tours, but if you are especially interested in spending time exploring a certain part of Rome, such as the Vatican Museums or the ancient sites like the Pantheon and Colosseum, it can afford you the option of doing what you want and going at your own pace. This in itself can be well worth the added expense.

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