Convent Hotels In Rome Italy

Rome Convent Hotel Rooms
Rome Convent Hotel Rooms

Convent hotels in Rome Italy present unique experiences for visitors exploring the Eternal City. The present an excellent and affordable lodging option for budget travelers, or simply a special experience a world away from regular Rome hotels. The low-cost rates and historic backdrops featured by convent accommodation in Rome together create a perhaps surprisingly cool lodging option. Convent rooms should be booked well ahead of a vacation. Though accommodation in abbeys and monasteries in Rome can be extremely simplistic, the deep history and tranquility afforded to is definitely an advantage.

Casa Santa Francesca Romana
Casa Santa Francesca Romana

Accommodations in abbeys and monasteries in Rome come with the reward of a rich and diverse cultural experience to pair with exploration of dozens of ancient sites. Casa Santa Francesca Romana is only a few blocks from the Tiber River and Trastevere. Home to the noble Ponziani family for centuries, Francesca Romana Ponziani, the matriarch, is said to have executed hundreds of miracles throughout the area before passing in 1440. Casa Santa Francesca Romana offers simple rooms with white-washed walls and sparse furniture. Bathrooms are modern, covered in tile, and equipped with sinks and showers. Each room is unique to the next with many featuring interesting angles, large windows, and charming adornments throughout.

Villa Rosa is another choice offering convent accommodation in Rome. It’s situated southeast of Piazza Navona and the Pantheon in Trastevere. Villa Rosa features the true simplicity of other accommodation in abbeys and monasteries in Rome. Run by the English-speaking Dominican Sisters hailing from Ireland, the charming brood are reputed to offer great advice for transportation, sightseeing, and special events—mostly known only to locals. Simple, clean rooms are modern and spacious. Breakfast is offered onsite with plenty of hot coffee and tea, juice, fresh breads and jams, and more. Attractive amenities at this convent accommodation in Rome include a large public room with a TV, adjacent bus stops heading to Termini Station and downtown, and attractions within walking distance such as Palatine Hill and the Colosseum.

Hotel Fraterna Domus is one of the simplest and most affordable convent hotels in Rome Italy. Forget space and modern touches and think crucifixes and sparse decor, but also keep in mind that the price is more than gracious. Spic and span floors, comfortable beds, and friendly inhabitants create an amiable atmosphere and a cozy place to stay. Homespun dinners in the shared dining area are also available and even though there is a curfew, the nuns are quite forgiving, especially with long-term guests.

Visitors seeking out accommodation in abbeys and monasteries in Rome be aware that curfews are often enforced, creating a disadvantage for those who want to explore nightlife in Rome. Some convents only admit catholic visitors while others have no strict regulations. Religious lodging at convent hotels in Rome Italy is still broadly unexplored by foreign travelers even though there are more than 115 abbeys and monasteries offering rooms. A peaceful backdrop, soft chanting, and plenty of historic artifacts are a few of the niceties afforded when choosing a convent hotel.

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