Rome River Cruise

A Rome river cruise is a fantastic way to experience a new vantage point and see the city's attractions from the water. The Tiber River plays a significant role in the history of Rome and was an integral part of the city’s rise to dominance and the organization and development of its structured society. Now you can enjoy a Tiber River cruise and see many of the most popular attractions in the city from the comfort of a cruise. There are many options for cruises from Rome. Of course, you can book a cruise that includes Rome as a port of call, as part of a longer journey that makes stops at other destinations, like Venice and Athens. Other people enjoy a stay in Rome as a part of a cruise excursion or a pre or post-cruise extension.

If you are taking one of the cruises from Rome, you will be departing from the port of Civitavecchia. If you are arriving at Civitavecchia, it is easy to get a transfer to the city either by bus or car for reasonably affordable rates, especially in the case of the former. Perhaps you are visiting Rome as a final destination for your vacation. Rome is a city where you could literally spend weeks and months devouring the local culture and attractions, but if you are limited to a week or thereabouts, it is highly advisable to take a Tiber River Cruise.

The Tiber is in fact much narrower than other major European rivers such as the Thames and Seine that also offer similar river cruises, and there is nothing particularly spectacular about the boat ride itself (besides of course seeing the sites), but it is extremely inexpensive to take a hop-on, hop-off tour that allows you see many of the most alluring attractions in Rome. In a way, it’s like having your own public transport by water that drops you off and picks you up whenever you are ready, carrying you to all of the places that you want to see the most. A Rome river cruise is first and foremost about conveniently getting to all of the sites throughout the city, but if you simply stay on the boat you will see popular places such as Castel Sant Angelo and the Vatican among others.

Many people who travel to Rome enjoy a Tiber River cruise with dinner and entertainment. This is a nice way to spend an evening in the romantic and charming city of Rome. Charter your own private boat with a professional captain, order the exact food and wine that you desire, and sit back, relax, and see the sites in style. There are also guided tours that set sail from the Sant Angelo dock and head toward Tiberina Island and then to the Risorgimento Bridge. A narrated and guided Rome river cruise allows you to get valuable insights into many of the historical landmarks and attractions on the city’s coastlines. You can’t go wrong with a Tiber River cruise in Rome.

There are also a number of reliable and longstanding cruise providers that offer trips like cruises from Venice to Rome and many other itineraries. There are virtually limitless options to choose from in terms of itineraries for cruises from Rome.

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