Roman Events

Roman events create dynamic cultural experiences for travelers and make sure there is almost always something fun to do. Roman festivals and special events are always worth looking into and may even be happening very close to your hotel or place of lodging. Events in Rome are extremely diverse, featuring historical, social, and other convivial themes that include age-old celebrations, art exhibits, food festivities, and special shopping occasions. Rome’s calender of events infuse the entire year with memorable things to do.

New Year’s Day kicks off the year and follows up on the preceding year with many activities that unfold over the course of the day. Piazza del Popola is the place to be as live music, children’s events in Rome, and plenty of exciting entertainment gets under way. Thousands of people congregate in St Peter’s Square filling the avenues with music and a ceremonial feel. The Pope’s blessing is just one event crowds have come to hear and see. The New Year’s Day Parade is one of the most important cultural events of the year.

The Rome Independent Film Festival is the city’s chief cinematic occasion, featuring more than fifty important film artists from more than twenty countries around the world. Venues showcasing the festival’s independent films include Cinema Roma situated inside the Hotel Ripa, and Cinema Pasquino in the center of Trastevere. Fast forwarding to April, Good Friday is the next in line for Rome events that bear significant meaning. The Good Friday Procession is torch lit, and meanders along from the Colosseum, delineating the end of Jesus’ life and his body’s induction to his final resting place.

Summer festivals in Rome coincide with the city’s busiest tourist season, and see the largest turn outs of the year. The Estate Romana Festival is celebrated throughout the entire summer presenting an extensive progression of performances, exhibits, and cultural events. Most of these Roman events occur outdoors and include theater acts, singing groups, and dancing. This is one of the Roman festivals deriving from a government initiative to draw people back from the beaches and cooler northern climates to which many people escape to because of the intense heat. It is a good time to pre-book hotels and make advanced dining reservations to secure a spot.

July’s Noantri Festival is another of the Roman festivals happening in the summer. The statue of Vergine del Carmine is paraded throughout the streets and avenues of the Trastevere district, a key area for dining, shopping, and three star hotels located by the Tiber River. Ending at the fourth-century San Crisogno church, a building immersed in rich history, Roman events do illustrate deep religious meaning, but people of any denomination will enjoy the songs and dancing partnered with delicious traditional food and drinks.

The Roma Europa Festival is one of the most esteemed musical events in Rome and is more than two decades old. It commences in September and continues for about a month. Famous Italian performing artists flood into Rome to entertain the masses with contemporary theater acts and live music. This Roman festival provides a unique opportunity to mingle with locals, experience Roman culture first-hand, and enjoy a special set of live shows.

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