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Flights to Rome
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Rome flights can take up a significant chunk of vacation funds so getting a cheap deal is always a welcome bonus. It isn’t too hard to find a bargain for airfare to Rome and following a few tips and tricks when searching might procure some good to great prices. Like many destinations around the world, Rome has peak periods and low tourist numbers at certain times of the year, making it easy to identify the best time to fly to Rome inexpensively.

Cheap Flights to Rome
Cheap Flights to Rome  Image: cliff1066™ (flickr)

Finding cheap flights to Rome during the city’s peak tourism months is a possibility, yet requires a little more work than in slower months. If a vacation to Rome is unavoidable during the peak months of June through August, searching for vacation packages is one option to lower travel costs. The summer features many popular Rome festivals and events that not only draw tourists, but attract nationals as well. This is especially true in August, when most of the country takes time off from work. Though most Italians flock to the mountains and beaches, they do head back into the city to enjoy events such as Estate Romana. Identifying these popular dates and pre-booking your travel arrangements will avoid many hassles.

Generally it’s not cheap hotels that offer affordable packages or discount rates because they are already well priced to begin with. Both 3 star hotels and 4 star hotels do offer numerous promotions during the year. Some hotels offer airfare to Rome couple with a discounted room rates and sometimes some extras such as free breakfast or tickets to museums. Luxury hotels also offer regular deals throughout the year like discount weekends or a night free.

Cheap airfare to Rome can also be found by searching the Internet for consolidators buying up a large number of tickets and selling them off at lower-than-average rates. One of the best ways to do this is to use the Destination360 booking tool, which can help you compare flights and vacation package deals. In the spring and fall, many Rome hotels operate with few vacancies even though this time of year isn’t peak season. In the spring, marked down airfare to Rome can be found before summer sets in. Also looking for Rome flights during the fall, as the crowds of summer subside, can procure cheap flights to Rome.

During the late fall and winter months, from November through to February, deals abound as the city stays relatively empty compared to summer and the weather cools down. At this time of year there are many inexpensive Rome flights available in a bid to draw people into the ancient city and keep the economy thriving. The only downfall to purchasing airfare to Rome in the slowest season is that numerous attractions either operate on limited opening hours or shut down altogether for renovations and upgrades. Dining and shopping options can also be restricted. The upside is that there is an evident lack of lines at places like Vatican City and the Roman Forum.

When searching for cheap flights to Rome, be sure to play with your dates a little if travel time is flexible. Tickets can drop significantly in price simply by staying over on a Saturday or another specific day depending on the airline and the time of year. Many great hotels, like the four star Grand Hotel Tiberio, pair up with airlines and other ticket consolidators to offer air and hotel deals. Be sure to scour the internet for deals or talk to a trusted travel agent to find a budget-wise package to suit all travel needs.

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