Rome Nightlife

Rome nightlife accounts for some of the best things to do as the sun sets over the Eternal City. Neighborhood pubs, bars, and even some dining establishments stay open late for business catering to lively crowds seeking out exciting social entertainment. Charming hole-in-the-wall wine bars, clubs in Rome pumping out the latest dance tunes, and animated bars filled with visitors and locals alike light up the night and keeps things interesting after daytime sightseeing tours, cruises, or events.

Italians are social by nature and lively and boisterous conversations are overheard night and day. Friendly is an understatement, too, and anyone exploring the best nightlife in Rome Italy during vacations simply can't avoid making new local friends, and getting a wealth of tips and tricks on how to best navigate the city.

Rome at Night
Rome at Night

Though friendly in nature, Romans are not the hard-core partiers known in some parts of the world. They prefer to stay relaxed and take it easy. Rome nightlife to many locals involves a long and drawn-out dining experience, generally with a large group of family and friends, indulging themselves with rich foods and wines—a ritualistic affair that can last well past midnight and into the wee hours.

Everything centrally located is generally a good bet in Rome. From Central Rome hotels to centrally situated clubs in Rome, the heart of the city doesn't disappoint. The best evening events happen in the city center offering some of the best nightlife in Rome Italy. From guest DJs to live music, there is plenty happening in the core. Outdoor seating is popular in the warmer months, and the central location teems with people during these peak seasons. Trastevere, Campo de Fiori, and Piazza Navona are steadfast areas offering some of the best nightlife in Rome Italy. Bars and clubs range from sleek clubs in Rome to informal pubs with little to no atmosphere. The vast range of Scottish and Irish style pubs tend to host a forgettable crowd of drunk foreigners and wolfish locals.

The Testaccio area features some of the most popular clubs featuring the best Rome nightlife available for those who wish to dance all night. The largest number of clubs sweep the area between Via Ostiense and the Piramide Station where transportation is easily available. The edge of town draws Rome nightlife once summer hits and locals escape to the seaside where many villages host local vacationing families.

Rome Nightlife
Rome Nightlife

Rome nightlife around Trevi Fountain is more subdued and offers a cozy atmosphere and plenty of specialty cocktails. Pub crawls are popular around the Colosseum and the Spanish Steps are adjacent to several stylish martini bars, wine bars, and generally upscale establishments. Anyone heading out for a night on the town should note the drinking age is only 16, booze flows freely, and IDs are hardly checked. There is no law bearing a specific closing time meaning drinking is possible literally all night long. A word to the wise: an extremely careless attitude toward drinking and driving makes walking the streets late at night an often dangerous expedition so take care when wandering back to hotels at late hours.

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