Castelli Romani

The Castelli Romani, which literally translates as Roman castles, is the name given to a collection of wine-producing communes in the southeastern portion of Rome. The Castelli Romani area is home to many of the most impressive residences in all of Italy. The small communes that pepper the wooded areas around the Alban Hills, Lake Nemi, and Lake Albano still provide summer retreats for popes and other important people in Rome. The impressive collection of Italian castles near Rome is one of the most alluring attractions for tourists traveling to this region. If you are planning travel to Italy and will be staying in the capital city, visiting some of the castles near Rome can be a great day trip option.

Among the most stunningly beautiful of all the Castelli Romani is the legendary Frascati. It is can be judged as the most popular of all the castles near Rome based on the fact that it is the most frequently visited by tourists. The Villa Aldobrandini and the gardens are open to the public. The sheer sight of this sprawling, palatial estate will make you gasp. Although there are not as many castles in Rome as there are in places like Paris or even London, the ones that are extant in Rome are most definitely breathtaking.

Lazio is perhaps the most visually stunning of all the Italian castles near Rome. It is a medieval castle that has been exceptionally well maintained. Nowadays, people not only have the opportunity of touring Lazio, but also of getting married in this legendary construct. This magical destination that literally seems pulled straight from the pages of a fairy tale, overlooks the deep blue Lake Bracciano and the Lazio Valley. If you are enchanted by fairy tale-like castles and have limited time to visit those in Rome, consider putting Lazio first on your list. You can even enjoy a 5 star meal and stay at this castle.

The Castel Gandolfo remains one of the best-known castles near Rome, primarily because it is the summer home of the popes. It is located on the main square of Piazza della Liberta by the Church of San Tommaso di Villanova, which was designed by Bernini. The sleepy little village in which it is located contains several charming cafes. If you are the type that likes to leisurely enjoy your vacation, strolling through the serene streets of Castel Gandolfo can be a pleasant diversion fro the humdrum of city life in central Rome.

Another of the most frequently visited castles near Rome, and tourist attractions in general, is the Castel Sant Angelo. It was originally constructed by the Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family. In subsequent years it would be fortified and served the function of a citadel. The impressive statues and carvings on the bridge that lead to the Castel SanAngelo are worth the visit on their own. When you visit the city, you will be struck by the attention to detail and design in the Italian castles near Rome. Although Castel Sant Angelo and Lazio are among the most popular, there are even more castles in the vicinity to explore if you really want to dig in.

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Castelli Romani

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The Castelli Romani, which literally translates as Roman castles, is the name...

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