Shopping in Rome Italy

Shopping in Rome Italy
Shopping in Rome Italy

Shopping in Rome Italy is arguably the best shopping experience anywhere in the world. Fashionistas the world over have adopted trend after trend stemming from Italy, favoring epic styles created by the world’s leading designers. Many of these are Italian. The style tone has been long set by designers such as Fendi, Gucci, Valentino, and Missoni, all who have dressed presidents, actors, sports celebrities, and even royalty. Many of these designers are treated as if they are in fact royalty, establishing just how commanding Italy, and Rome’s, paramount fashion houses are.

Shopping in Rome Italy
Shopping in Rome Italy

From Rome shopping centers to individual retailers to open-air markets, visitors on vacations in Rome will find out all too quickly that Rome is not cheap. That being said, many shopping areas in Rome, such as Via del Corso, offer quality goods and excellent value for dollars spent. Even Rome’s history illustrates just how important fashion and style has always been through flawless and exquisite hand-stitched clothing embellished with the most intricate of beads, lace, and other such distinguished accessories.

One of the most renowned areas for shopping in Rome Italy is Via dei Condotti adjacent to the Spanish Steps. This upscale Roman shopping street is among the riches of all areas and provides countless retail-related things to do, even if it’s simply window shopping. Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Prada, and Gucci are only a few of the notable labels found along the posh avenue. Where once store patrons were obligated to pay a fee simply for entering, now lookers and buyers alike can take a look for free. Laced with boutique hotels, upscale dining, and a dizzying array of sleek shops, Via dei Condotti is the place to be when it comes to shopping in Rome Italy.

Via del Corso is another illustrious shopping center in Rome attracting nearly all of the thousands of annual visitors, even if just for a peek. It is as famous a retail location as the Forum and the Colosseum are historic sites. Via del Corso lands on itself on many tours of the city and is home to numerous luxury hotels. The pedestrian thoroughfare and reigning shopping destination boasts names like Swarovski Crystal and Ferrari outlet, and offers up some of the best apparel shops, sportswear, jewelry, and antiques in Rome. Via del Corso also connects Piazza Venezia and Piazza del Popolo, two significant city squares.

Popular Rome shopping centers also include Trastevere by the Tiber River. The mood along Trastevere is distinctly Bohemian and the maze of winding avenues and streets make poking around a perfect afternoon endeavor. A major alfresco market filled with fresh food presides over the area in the Piazza San Cosimato. Trastevere’s counterpart is the food market at Piazza Vittorio where fresh meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables create a colorful array of available goods. It is a great place to soak in Roman culture and listen to the busy banter of bargaining locals.

The legion of favored Rome shopping centers and areas such as Piazza Navona create a huge choice in retail options. Piazza Navona is an ideal place to find Roman art, fascinating art galleries, and a boatload of antique stores. Piazza Navona is also home to celebrated hotels like Hotel Traiano where vacation packages offering lower rates are snapped up in the blink of an eye for the excellent location and prime atmosphere amid Rome’s lively and charismatic shopping scene.

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