Tours of the Colosseum in Rome

Tours of the Colosseum in Rome
Tours of the Colosseum in Rome

Tours of the Colosseum in Rome allow guests to get up close and personal with one of the world’s most famous structures, and as you might imagine, these tours are quite popular among tourists. English-speaking travelers will be happy to know that archaeologists lead tours in English numerous times on a daily basis, and it should be noted that many of the guided tours in general also include visits to the adjacent Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

While Rome visitors can always opt to enjoy self-guided tours of the Roman Colosseum, going with a competent guide is recommended. A guide who is knowledgeable can point out all kinds of interesting facts, such as those that relate to the Colosseum’s history. This ancient arena played host to numerous events that were often bloody affairs, and this is just one of the subjects that is sure to be covered.

Tours of the Colosseum in Rome come in a variety of forms. The guided archaeologist tours occur seven times a day, and they last about 45 minutes. The general admission fee does not cover them, though they are easily worth the extra money. It is also possible to go on a tour with an outside guide. These tours can focus primarily on the Colosseum or highlight the Rome attractions in general. You might even look to enjoy an organized walking seminar of Rome that is led by an expert guide. The options are numerous, so it can be a good idea to weigh them all.

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