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Vatican Tickets
Vatican Tickets

Vatican tours are hugely popular for both residents and visitors of Rome. Attractions such as the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums, and St. Peter’s Basilica draw in the range of 5 million people to Vatican City every year. There are a number of options when it comes to tours of Vatican City. Planning your visit will depend upon how much time you plan to spend at the Vatican. For those interested in conducting more than just a cursory survey of the museums, for instance, it could be much more than a one-day affair. Vatican walking tours with knowledgeable guides are available from a host of providers, and you have the option buying tickets for any number of different combinations of Vatican tours.

Vatican Tours
Vatican Tours

Private Vatican tours and tours booked though licensed providers usually last from three to four hours and various companies offer combination tickets. For instance, you can book a three-hour tour of the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums. There are also affordable options for half-day Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums, and St. Peter’s Basilica Vatican walking tours. You can also customize your Vatican tours experience depending upon what attractions interest you the most. If you are a lover of art, perhaps the St. Peter’s Art History tours of Vatican City would be appealing. There are also tours that explore Raphael’s Rooms and the art of St. Peter’s Basilica in greater depth.

Vatican Gardens
Vatican Gardens

There are many advantages to booking a tour with a guide. The sheer volume of important and historically significant works of art, artifacts, and sculptures make information overload a distinct possibility without having someone along to do some explaining. The most professional tour providers offer knowledgeable and fun guides who enrich the experience of the tours of Vatican City. These people are experts when it comes to the contents of the museums and the Vatican itself. It would be impossible to see everything, especially within the constraints of a week-long vacation, so it is advantageous to book a private tour with a guide that is able to elucidate the finer points of the Vatican’s most prized treasures.

The stark reality of taking tours of Vatican City (or just visiting) is that there can tend to be massive lines. This is perhaps the main reason you should consider looking into a company that offers private Vatican tours. Skipping the lines is well worth the money you pay once you see how long these lines can actually be. The last Sunday of every month, admittance is free and the lines can stretch literally for blocks.

There are so many treasures hidden around every corner, from the epic works of Raphael and Michelangelo to the breathtaking feats of architecture including the Sistine Chapel. If you are visiting you Rome, you should consider taking at least one of the Vatican walking tours to get an idea of the scope of just how much is contained within its sovereign confines. Some of the finest works of art in the entire world, and the assemblage of treasures from around the globe by the Roman Catholic Church are on display.

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