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Rome Travel
Rome Travel

Rome travel is ideal at various times of year with plenty of excellent times to visit. Choosing the best time for Rome tourism means assessing a list of needs and wants before making any solid plans to ensure that your ideal vacation is what you get. There are cool times of year and stifling hot times of year. There are extremely busy seasons and periods when crowds dissipate and Rome's streets and attractions can be efficiently navigated and explored. Expense levels also differ greatly through Rome's diverse seasons, presenting both costly and economical times to travel. All of these specific elements present effective opportunity in choosing the best time to travel to Rome.

Rome Weather
Rome Weather

An almost asphyxiating heat permeates Rome during the summer months, and especially throughout the month of August. This is not the best time to travel to Rome if heat is a problem for you. In August, most Romans head off on holidays, heading to the mountains and beaches for haven from the heat. Most of Rome's colorful characters and lively local residents are gone, which makes the city seem a little less dynamic than usual.

Weather in Rome Italy
Weather in Rome Italy

From June through August, flights are at a premium and Rome travel can become a distant desire for those on a budget. The summer also features high rates at Rome hotels and luxury hotels, and even cheap hotels, which offer fewer deals and extra enticements. The intensity of Rome tourism in the summer means sweetened deals aren't as crucial in obtaining business and budget travelers have fewer opportune choices.

Many travelers can only explore Rome during summer vacations, the main reason Rome is so hectic from June to July. Though Rome travel in the summer isn't the most advantageous for many reasons, the city is still welcoming, even if attractions like the Colosseum can be choked by tourists. If crowds aren't an annoyance and the heat isn't bothersome, Rome is a nice place for tours in the summer. Booking ahead is pivotal for securing lower-cost central Rome hotels, enjoying cheaper rental transportation costs, and taking advantage of all inclusive vacation packages.

Outside of summer, Rome is still a wonderful place to visit, and for those bothered by large crowds or high prices, summer is the time to avoid anyway. With the exception of Christmas, which can be a very expensive time for Rome travel, January and February temperatures are mild and pleasant, streets are unclogged, and amenity prices are very agreeable. The only downfall can be limited access to the Vatican, Santa Pressede, the Sistine Chapel, and other historic sites that keep a tight reign on opening hours and complete necessary upgrades and renovations during the slowed pace of Rome tourism.

In March through May clusters of tourists are easily avoided, air and hotel prices are still low, and the weather is glorious. The long lines at museums and monuments are often nonexistent, dining is an easy endeavor, advance reservations are hardly necessary, and the skies are generally sunny, enveloping Rome in a warm and soothing (yet not too hot) temperature. The spring season can be the best time to travel to Rome, and pairing depressed rates with nearly empty attractions like the grand Pantheon and Seven Pilgrim Churches, creates an ideal situation. Though May is gaining on peak Rome tourism periods, it isn't quite there. Affable temperatures along with many other desirable facets are a strong draw, pulling in travelers seeking to experience Rome's uncrowded ancient sites and soak in the halcyon atmosphere afforded by vacations in off season.


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