Sardinia, or Sardegna as it is known in Italy, is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of five autonomous regions in the country of Italy along with Valle d’Aosta, Trentino Alto Adige, Sicily, and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Sardinia Italy is unique, however, in that it is the only region of the five specifically granted autonomy in the Italian constitution by what is known as special statute of autonomy. Essentially what this means is that that island of Sardinia is granted authority by Italy to carry out certain administrative functions and elaborate on pre-existing laws that need amended. The isolated location of the island from the mainland of Italy makes this sort of arrangement a relative necessity.

In recent years, Sardinia Italy has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. People from around the globe, including some of the world’s richest individuals, choose Sardinia as the place for their vacation homes and retreats. In fact, the island of Sardinia became so popular among the world’s billionaires along with the development of resort destinations like Porto Cervo, that an airline was basically created in order to cater to the demand of such travelers. Meridiana now services many people looking to travel to Sardinia in luxury.

People travel to Sardinia for the fantastic Mediterranean weather, gorgeous beaches, breathtaking rocky coastlines, and sumptuous foods, amongst many other things. The island of Sardinia is very unique. The topography is so diverse that, when traveling across the island, you may not believe that you have not departed to an altogether different place. The rocky coastlines give way to inlets and bays that offer rugged and pristine beaches where you can take in the nearly year-round warm sun and crystal clear, blue Mediterranean waters.

There are also mountain ranges like Gennargentu whose highest peaks are Punta La Marmora, Monte Limbara, and Mount Rasu. As you travel inland on the island of Sardinia, you will encounter several gorgeous rivers, rugged flatlands, plains, and plateaus. Touring Sardinia Italy gives you the opportunity to not only see one of the most beautiful islands in the world, but also allows you to specifically see the complexity and uniqueness of the Sardinian landscape. When you see these things you better understand the historical development of the island and why many of its native peoples who still speak remnants of antiquated languages were forced to retreat from the coastal areas and make their permanent homes in the mountains and plains of the inner part of the island. Besides being beautiful, Sardinia is also a very interesting place.

The main cities in Sardinia are Cagliari, Sassari, Quartu Sant’Elena, Olbia, and Alghero. If you are traveling to Sardinia you will find that there is a certain unique charm to each city. Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia and is home to the largest airport on the island. Much of the tourism crowd ultimately passes through Cagliari before heading to wherever it is they are staying on the island. The island is also well connected with a system of railways that links up many of the island’s most popular and frequently visited towns, villages, and attractions. Once you have decided when you are flying into Italy and where it is in Sardinia you intend to stay, it will simply be a matter of deciding on items to place on your to do list once you arrive. There are so many naturally beautiful sights as well as the beaches, resorts, amazing food, entertainment, and shopping. On the island of Sardinia, there is something that just about everyone can enjoy.

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