Sardinia Airports

There are three Sardinia airports available to you if you are traveling to this second largest of all the islands in the Mediterranean Sea. They are, (in order from largest to smallest), Cagliari-Elmas Airport, Alghero Airport, and Olbia-Costa Smeralda Airport.

Sardinia is a very popular tourist destination and grows in popularity yearly. The Sardinia airports have had to stay current with tourist demand and as a result, have continually upgraded and expanded to current capacity. In 2007, Cagliari-Elmas Airport saw nearly 3 million passengers pass through its terminals. The number of passengers visiting the island continues to grow and so do the island’s airports.

Cagliari-Elmas Airport is an international hub that provides airport transfers in Sardinia to many locations around Europe. If you are traveling from mainland Italy, you may be departing from a place like Rome or Venice straight to Sardinia. Other major airports like those in Germany, Spain, England, and France, as well as many others, also connect directly to Sardinia. From North America, specifically the United States, a connecting flight at a major airport will be necessary before a second connection to a larger hub in Europe before making the final leg of the journey onto the island of Sardinia. Of all the Sardinia airports, the one in Cagliari is the best equipped. There are plenty of check-in counters, kiosks for currency exchange, and helpful multilingual staff in many instances. There are also several gift shops, restaurants and bars. It is only about four miles into the city center of Cagliari, making airport transfers in Sardinia easy upon arrival. All of the major car rental carriers are available, there is an abundance of parking space and a bus runs to the center of the city every hour.

Not everyone makes their airport transfers in Sardinia through the airport in Cagliari. The Alghero Airport and Olbia-Costa Smeralda Airport are both active hubs that usher a multitude of tourists through their gates and onto the various beach and resort destinations around the island. There is plenty of parking space, buses that go to Olbia and Alghero, and restaurants. There are also information desks where you can inquire about airport transfers in Sardinia or otherwise about any other questions you may have regarding your travels through Sardinia.

Sardinia is such a popular tourist destination for residents of continental Europe that most of the major metropolitan areas in the bigger countries all have direct service to the Sardinia airports. If you are traveling from outside Europe however, your journey may be a bit more of a roundabout one. Once on the island, it is very easy to travel around via bus, car rental, ferry, or taxi. It is also possible to secure good rates on flights off of the island to other parts of continental Europe with enough advance planning.

A benefit of flying into Alghero Airport or Olbia-Costa Smeralda Airport is that you are only a couple of miles from the city center of each town, and also close to a host of attractions and activities. The alluring Costa Smeralda area is close to Olbia as well. It is easy to get back and forth from the airport and every luxury hotel and resort offers complimentary shuttle service for their guests. Most international travelers pass through either the Olbia-Costa Smeralda Airport or Cagliari-Elmas, but wherever you arrive on this island, you will be greeted with beautiful landscapes and beaches and excellent facilities to make your stay here simple and enjoyable.

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