Alghero is a charming and fascinating town in the northwestern province of Sassari in Sardinia. If you’re considering travel to Sardinia, an Alghero holiday may be a perfect option. The town combines ten breathtaking beaches with amazing ruins from ancient times, brilliant limestone promontories that jut out into the majestic Mediterranean, and upwards of 300 caves (some above water, some underwater, and some semi-submerged), to name a few of the town’s highlights. Alghero Italy is a place where you can go to enjoy the wonder of Sardinia in a less frenetic environment than some of the busier destinations on the island like Porto Cervo that cater primarily to the international tourist crowd that flood Sardinia during the peak season of summer. And it is also a place where you do not have to sacrifice gorgeous beaches or comfortable accommodations to enjoy this relative tranquility.

Many people that travel to Alghero anticipate the beautiful and warm Mediterranean climate where they can enjoy relaxing on the beach. Although temperatures maintain above a certain point throughout the year, the best beach-going months, when the water is suitable for swimming, are May through September. If you are planning an Alghero holiday and it revolves around spending time on the beach, then figuring out when to go to Alghero is a consideration you will certainly want to plan carefully.

The great thing about Alghero Italy is that no matter when you travel there during the year, you will be greeted by some of the most stunning natural landscapes you have ever encountered. The rocky coastlines and limestone promontories, along with the lush vegetation and turquoise waters for which the island’s coastal areas are known, remain beautiful throughout the year. Punta Giglio and Capo Caccia are two limestone promontories in Alghero that draw the most fascination from visitors.

Nereo Cave in Alghero is another one of the most popular tourist attractions in the town. It is the largest and most magnificent completely underwater cave in the Mediterranean, and in fact, all of Europe. There are also a vast number of other caves that draw tens of thousands of tourists every year. Neptune’s Grotto is the most famous of all the caves in Alghero. It is accessible by land via a long climb of steep, rocky steps or by boat. The enigmatic cave excites the imagination of children and adults alike as spectacular stalactites and limestone formations just out of the steamy, crystal clear water.

There are ten white sandy beaches in Alghero Italy as well. If you are traveling to the island during the optimal beach-going months, you will have gorgeous destinations to choose from. The beaches in Sardinia, especially considering the peripheral landscape including the rocky coasts, bays, and inlets, and how the beaches are often times tucked into these amazing settings, rival other Mediterranean hotspots such as Ibiza and Mallorca in terms of natural beauty. Maria Pia Beach and Porto Ferro Beach are just two of ten options. Each of the ten beaches in Alghero is well kept and there is security. You can also rent paddle boats and other such things for water sports and activities on most of the beaches.

Others choose to spend their Alghero holiday taking in activities like cruises. There are carriers throughout the island that charter fantastic trips where they dock the boats in shallow waters so guests can see the fish and dolphins swimming right up next to the boat. You can have the chartered boat catered with wine and food and many of these expeditions offer the option of a private charter. This is a great way to spend a private day or night sailing the Mediterranean with your family or friends. If this kind of activity suits your fancy and your budget you should consider putting a cruise on your list of things to do in Alghero. The Alghero Cathedral, the Nuraghe Ruints and the church of St. Francis are three notable sites of interest that you should also consider visiting in Alghero as well.

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