Sardinia Apartments

Sardinia apartments are a popular alternative for holiday lodging on this island. There is a vast array of luxury hotels and resorts as well, but if you are interested in spending your vacation in absolute peace, a self-catering apartment may be the ideal lodging accommodation for you. Apartment rentals in Sardinia are available around the island. Customizing your trip by choosing from the host of apartment options based on style and location is a major incentive for spending your vacation in Sardinia in the quiet luxury of your own place.

You can find apartments of various sizes and styles in every corner. Whether you are looking for Costa Smeralda vacation apartments, a luxury apartment in Alghero, or a modern apartment in Cagliari, there is likely to be a perfect fit option for you on your vacation to Sardinia. Prices range greatly depending on the size and location of the apartment. Certain Costa Smeralda vacation apartments, especially during the peak season summer months, can easily rent for upwards of several thousand dollars per night. Much larger and elaborate accommodations are priced much higher than that. But, with the right amount of advance planning and a little research, you may be able to find a relatively inexpensive fare on a quality apartment in Sardinia. During the non-peak season months, favorable rates can be found on apartments that sleep up to six people for far less than that, even in Costa Smeralda.

There are Costa Smeralda vacation apartments that are right on the water and some that are set back in fertile and lush Mediterranean vegetation. Many of the apartments in the Costa Smeralda area feature typical Mediterranean architecture like open-air foyers, white stucco, outdoor halls, and terraces. You can drive to golf, walk to the beach, or just relax on your open-air terrace with a gorgeous swimming pool, grill, and ample yard looking out onto the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The apartments are nicely equipped with laundry facilities, most every appliance, towels, and other amenities. Another benefit of staying at one of the Sardinia apartments available for rent is that many of the little things are taken care of, so you have more time to spend with friends or family enjoying your vacation.

San Teodoro is another popular destination in Sardinia where travelers often opt for luxury apartments and other private condos and accommodations. A San Teodoro apartment rental can come at a precious price but ensures the utmost in tranquility and serenity for your vacation in the Mediterranean on the magical island of Sardinia.

Apartment rentals in Sardinia are not just popular on the eastern side of the island, but also on the western side in towns like Alghero. You could rent an apartment in the Gothic quarter of Alghero with a mere ten-minute walk to the beach. You could also rent a luxury private villa right on La Pelosa Beach with an expansive pool and amazing terrace that looks out onto the Mediterranean. Apartment rentals in Sardinia are as diverse as the international travelers who frequent the island. Once you have decided to stay at one of the Sardinia apartments for rent, it is really just a matter of customizing your trip based on where on the island you want to stay and what kind of atmosphere you prefer.

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