Sardinia Beaches

Sardinia beaches are some of the most breathtaking beaches along the entire Mediterranean Sea. They have similar characteristics of other regional beaches, such as Ibiza and Magaluf, but are quite distinctive because of the unique geography of the island. Sardinia’s coastlines have high-reaching rocky cliffs, broad limestone promontories, and deep bays and inlets. The best beaches in Sardinia are set into this magical landscape. A beach holiday in Sardinia is best enjoyed near plenty of accommodations, dining, and nightlife nearby.

Costa Verde Sardinia is located on the western side of the island. It provides a perfect example of how Sardinia beaches are special even in the beautiful Mediterranean region. Its pristine shores are home to small, quaint villages that line the beaches of Costa Verde. You will find exceptionally breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean and of the island coastline from this area of Sardinia. Although many beaches in Sardinia are pristine, the rare species of animals and quaint villages along the coast combine with sprawling plantlife to make the Costa Verde unique.

Cala Luna is considered by many to be among the best beaches in Sardinia. The Mediterranean water of this majestic beach is a kaleidoscope of blue throughout the course of the day, ranging from sparkling turquoise during the day, to ultramarine at sunset. The beach derives its name from it half moon crescent shape. It is located near the town of Dorgali on the northwestern part of the island. The shallow waters are perfect for families with children and the crystal clear waters make for the perfect setting for excellent snorkeling. Many salt water lakes and lagoons that pepper the island’s coastlines, including here, and add an even more magnificence to the landscape.

Bidderosa Beach is a gorgeous white sand beach with five coves that are lined with juniper, eucalyptus, and pine trees. The warm Mediterranean water washes up into the coves during high tide, and the relative seclusion of the coves on Bidderosa Beach make this one of the most tranquil and enviable relaxation spots in the Pacific.

Cala Mariolu is another perfect place for a beach holiday in Sardinia. It is hard to imagine, even looking at all of the other spectacular locations on the island, a beach on Sardinia where the water is more translucent and crystalline blue. This beach is located in Punta Ispuligi near the Gult of Orosei. The Mediterranean scrub that grows on the rocky embankments that line certain parts of the coastline is accentuated by the pink hue of the pebbles and sand washing up onto the beach. This is one of the most beautiful of all the Sardinia beaches.

The Emerald Coast, known in Sardinia as Costa Smeralda, is home to some of the most impressive and alluring beaches in world. Affluent tourists from around the world make their beach holiday in Sardinia along the pristine waters of the Emerald Coast in a luxury hotel, private villa or home, or resort. Porto Cervo is a yachting paradise and a destination for several world-class sailing competitions. The beaches here are not only naturally amazing but also offer 5 star resorts, restaurants, and luxurious clubs and lounges.

It is difficult to name the best beaches in Sardinia simply because there are so many distinctly beautiful and unique ones. The island is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole Mediterranean. If you have a chance to visit Sardinia you will discover this to be true.

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