Cagliari Sardinia

Cagliari Sardinia is a coastal city in the Mediterranean with an approximate population of 400,000 people for the total metropolitan area. It is the capital of Sardinia and a vibrant center of arts, entertainment, and commerce on the island. The twentieth century brought accelerated growth to the town of Cagliari and the compact neighborhoods (like the Villanova district) are testament to just how rapidly the development of the city unfolded.

Tourists visit in droves to holiday in Cagliari not only to enjoy the warm Mediterranean weather and waters, but also the dining, nightlife, and various historic Cagliari attractions. Places like Rome and other mainland Italian destinations are not the only places where there is evidence of early habitation and cultural development. The Ruins of Nora in Cagliari Sardinia hearken back to antiquity during the time of the Phoenicians. Besides taking in the pleasing sun and enjoying the fine beaches, one of the things to do in Cagliari is explore the city’s historic attractions.

The Sardinian word for Cagliari, Casteddu, literally translates to the Italian as “castle.” This is interesting as the old part of the town (called “Castello”, or the castle), which sits atop a hill that looks out onto the Gulf of Cagliari, is one of the most popular attractions in this capital of Sardinia. Most of the castle walls, including the limestone towers, St. Pancras Tower and the Elephant Tower, remain in tact. The Cathedral in Cagliari Sardinia is a stunning work of architecture that dates back centuries into the history of Cagliari. It is one of the most visited attractions in the city.

If you’re heading to this part of the island, especially during months that are optimal for beach-going, then you will be pleased to find some of the most gorgeous stretches of beach in the entire Mediterranean located on this southern port town of Sardinia. Poetto Beach is the largest in the city and visiting it should certainly rank high on your list of things to do in Cagliari. This well-manicured stretch of beach offers fine white sand and a number of restaurants, luxury hotels, bars, and kiosks all along the beach that serve drinks and snacks to the multitude of tourists who traverse its majestic shores every year. Some of the coolest sport boating competitions take place annually in Cagliari Sardinia on Poetto Beach including the 60-foot Italian Open Championship and the Tiscali Cup.

Quartu S.Elena Beach is another attractive beach in Cagliari. It is an extension of Poetto Beach and also has a number of bars and restaurants. The Beach at Nora is also a gorgeous, white-sand beach where you can enjoy the sun and surf but is also notable for being an important archaeological site. Without straying far from the beach at all you can visit the Punic City of Nora and its ruins, offering visitors a glimpse into the ancient history of the island. If you are staying in the capital of Sardinia consider taking time to visit some of the less trafficked beaches that maintain the same absolute, stunning beauty as all of the rest on the island but also feature distinctive elements like those on the Beach at Nora.

There are so many things to do in Cagliari and so many attractions to see that it may be difficult to spend your entire holiday just relaxing. The Basilica di San Saturnino, the church of Our Lady of Bonaria and the entire Castello historic district are all memorable sights worth seeing in Cagliari Sardinia.

Cagliari Sardinia


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