Sardinia Cruises

Sardinia cruises provide an excellent way to explore the island. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea so it is difficult to explore the island in a comprehensive way in just a day or two, especially if you want to explore the island’s interior. Since most people visiting the island have a limited time to stay, many opt for a more survey-like tour of the island’s coastal regions. This is best accomplished on a boat.

There are three main cruise ports in Sardinia. They are in the port towns of Cagliari, Olbia, and Alghero. There are other smaller ports around the island, but these are the most trafficked and best equipped. As a result of Sardinia becoming so well known as a yachting and sailing destination, the ports are extremely well equipped and even have the capabilities to do repairs on massive yachts. Cruise excursions in Sardinia set sail from these three ports every day. In the peak summer months, it is a virtual constant cycle of docking and setting sail as residents and vacationers embark on various Sardinia cruises.

You may be planning to stay in Olbia and are therefore looking for cruise excursions in Sardinia that depart from this eastern seaport. There are a number of alluring trips offered by longstanding carriers including ones that explore the Emerald Coast and Baja Sardegna. Various excursions make their way around the eastern side of the coast and passengers get to see not only the breathtaking natural landscape of the emerald and turquoise Mediterranean waters and rugged, rocky promontories, but also the multi-million dollar yachts docked at various points along the coast. Another notable cruise that leaves from the port in Olbia is a ferry that ushers passengers to the Maddelena Islands with views of the Strait of Bonifacio.

Of all the cruise ports in Sardinia, the one in Alghero receives the most passengers looking to explore the historic side of the island of Sardinia. Several options for a cruise excursion in Sardinia offered from this port include guided tours of the Nuraghe Ruins and Alghero’s historic Old Town. Also, an exploration of the western side of the island from Alghero provides passengers with different glimpses of the island’s varied Mediterranean vegetation, lush foliage, and distinctive beaches. Many of the most popular Sardinia cruises also depart from the capital city of Cagliari. This is the largest city on the island and has been an important port town for centuries. Several cruises that circle the island depart from Cagliari.

Some people choose to take cruises to Sardinia rather than traveling to the island by air. There are several cruise lines that make the trip to Sardinia from various corners of the globe. An example of a cruise that departs from the United States is a 16-day trip offered by carriers such as Regent Seven Seas, Oceania Cruises, or Princess Cruises. The cruise starts in Ft. Lauderdale and makes stops in Madeira, Gibraltar, Sardinia, Rome, Florence/Pisa, Genoa, Monte Carlo, and Barcelona. There are other cruises that last up to a month and explore even more cities and countries around the world. If your trip lands you at one of the cruise ports in Sardinia, you are sure to embark upon a memorable journey on one of the Mediterranean’s most alluring and breathtaking islands.



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