Sardinia Ferries

Sardinia ferries provide a cost effective and fun way to travel to Sardinia from mainland Europe, and from the island to other Mediterranean destinations in the vicinity. Many people who visit the island of Sardinia plan extended stays. They are more like holiday residents than vacationers and therefore often desire to stray off of the island and visit other places. This is not at all because of a lack of things to do in Sardinia or a lack of breathtaking natural beauty. Rather, if you are in such close proximity to so many other desirable locations, it is only natural to want to break out and explore. Taking a ferry to Sardinia as well as taking ferries from Sardinia to explore the outlying areas provides a viable option for most people looking to maximize their trip and stay on budget.

The Fiumicino Ferry to Sardinia leaves from the Fiumicino Port near Rome. The Fiumicino Port is located about twenty miles from Rome on the Tyrrhenian Sea. You can book a Fiumicino ferry to Sardinia that arrives at the ports of Arbatax and Golfo Aranci. This is a great option for those Italian travelers looking to spend a relaxing vacation in the Mediterranean on the island of Sardinia. Rather than paying for pricey airfare, a ferry ride to the island can save on money and also provide you with the opportunity of enjoying the tranquility of the sea en route to the majestic Mediterranean destination. If you are departing from Italy, you can get a ferry to Sardinia that leaves from many of the larger ports in Italy like Genoa and Naples. If you live on mainland Europe and are wondering how to get to Sardinia for the best rates, a ferry may just be the ideal option for you.

Sardinia ferries connect virtually every single seaport between the island of Sardinia and the main ports in Italy. They also connect to other seaports in Spain, France, and England. Some people who book their trips and factor in travel time as part of their vacation enjoy leisurely making their way to Sardinia, taking in the magnificent sights of the Pacific journey along the way. If you have the extra time to spend as you travel to Sardinia and are already taking a flight that connects in Europe, you may want to consider making the last leg of the trip a ferry to Sardinia as opposed to a flight to Cagliari-Elmas Airport.

There is a ferry to Sardinia from Marseille that lands in Port Torres. Sardinia ferries also depart from Toulon, Nice, Savona, and Genoa, and other port towns, arriving on the island in places such as Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio. If you are departing from nearby the capital city of Rome, then it will likely be best to take the Fiumicino Ferry to Sardinia.

Not everyone has the option of taking a ferry as a part of their vacation in Sardinia because of time constraints. Others who have booked longer trips may find that it is not only cost effective but also a lot of fun to take a ferry on a trip through the Mediterranean Sea.

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