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Relatively inexpensive Sardinia flights can be found with a sufficient amount of advance planning and research. If you fly to Sardinia you will likely be making several stops at international airports. Unless you are already departing from a large international airport like J.F.K. in New York City or Dulles in Washington D.C., you will lay over at one before heading to a larger international stop. Layovers will likely be in Rome, Venice, Naples, or one of the other airports on mainland Italy that connects with the airports on the island of Sardinia. After a couple stops you will be connecting to one of the available flights to Cagliari Sardinia.

There are actually three international airports on the island of Sardinia. If you are on one of the flights to Cagliari Sardinia, you will be arriving at Elmas Airport. This airport is newly renovated and convenient for international travelers. There is a drug store, gift shop, several restaurants, ATMs, foreign monetary exchange kiosks, and more. Car rentals and other transportation arrangements can be made on the first level of Elmas Airport. People most often specifically book flights to Cagliari Sardinia since this is the largest and most well equipped airport on the island.

There are also two other international airports on Sardinia. They are Alghero Airport and Costa Smeralda Airport in Olbia. Besides offering Sardinia flights, all three airports facilitate travel between the island and all of the major airports in Italy and other European destinations, especially in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Germany, and Spain. At both Alghero Airport and Costa Smeralda Airport travelers will find accommodating services like car rental and food and beverage options, just not to the extent that these services are provided at Elmas Airport in Cagliari.

There are also two regional airports located on the island of Sardinia. They are Oristano-Fenosu Airport and Tortoli Airport. If you are a citizen it is easy to find cheap airfare to Sardinia and cheap airfare from Sardinia. So, for residents traveling to see family on mainland Italy for instance, a perk of Sardinian citizenship is the ability to take advantage of inexpensive travel arrangements. If you are traveling to Sardinia and plan to try to see as much of the island as possible in a short period of time, you may also be able to take advantage of inexpensive Sardinia flights offered by regional carriers.

Flights to Cagliari Sardinia require a bit of advance planning as stated above. Because of the massive popularity of the island as a tourist destination combined with the potential complexity of travel arrangements and the multiple stops you’re sure to have to make, it is best to plan months in advance. For some international destinations it is possible to get favorable rates even a month or a few weeks in advance. This is another kind of trip. If staying on budget is not at all an issue for you then you’ll be just fine. But it is also quite possible to secure cheap airfare to Sardinia by simply putting a little advance planning into your efforts. Once you arrive on the gorgeous island of Sardinia it will become abundantly clear that all of the planning and arrangements were more than worth the time. This second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea is popular as a tourist destination for very good reason.

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