Sardinia Luxury Hotels

Sardinia luxury hotels are some of the most desirable in the entire Pacific. Tourist destinations such as Ibiza, Cancun, and Mallorca all have their appeal, but few top Sardinia when it comes to raw natural beauty and a wonderful diversity of geography. The breathtaking, white-sand beaches of the island are enhanced by the towering, rocky coastlines, and numerous bays and coves. Some of the best 5 star hotels in Sardinia can be found along these beaches. In fact, places like Porto Cervo were essentially developed in order to meet the demand of all of the people flocking to Sardinia for holiday. As a result there is sure to be an ideal luxury accommodation in Sardinia for you.

The Hotel Cala Di Volpe (pictured) is one of the stunning Sardinia luxury hotels located on Costa Smeralda. Architect Jacques Couelle attempted to recreate something of a traditional Sardinian village when he laid out the plans for this amazing luxury accommodation in Sardinia. The walls, towers, terraces, and porticoes reflect this sentiment and the views of distant mountains and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean only serve to enrich the overall experience. The Cala Di Volpe offers exceptional cuisine, entertainment, and recreational activities as well as access to many nearby watersports including wind surfing and yachting. This is one of the best 5 star hotels in Sardinia offering a sprawling outdoor swimming pool, restaurant in-hotel, fitness center, tennis, 24-hour concierge service, and much more.

The Hotel Pitrizza, also in Porto Cervo, is amongst the finest and most impressive of all the Sardinia luxury hotels. The way this sprawling resort is laid out makes it unique among its competitors on the island. This is definitely an exclusive hotel, with nine villas surrounded by an array of gardens and stone structures and stairways that descend down to the sea. The villas are tucked into the gardens and trees and the entire grounds are meant to replicate a lost Mediterranean paradise. The granite pool is most impressive and seems to blend right in with the sea. There is exquisite dining on-premise, golf, tennis, boating, and 24-hour concierge service. If you are staying at this luxury accommodation in Sardinia you may not want to leave the premises. It is truly a gem when it comes to Sardinia luxury hotels.

The L’Ea Bianca Luxury Resort in Baja Sardinia is another brilliant option for Sardinia luxury hotels that capture the raw beauty of the island in a distinctive way while also offering guests a range of desirable amenities. This luxury resort is situated on a hillside that is covered with dark green juniper trees. This hill descends down into the sea where guests can enjoy such activities as snorkeling and boating. The hotel offers a swimming pool, restaurant, and fitness center. Guests look out on the awe-inspiring archipelago of La Maddalena. The location is prime as well as guests will have no problem taking in some of the famous Porto Cervo nightlife, located just a few miles away.

The Hotel Castello Forte Village Resort, located in Santa Margherita Di Pula near Cagliari, is an amazing luxury accommodation in Sardinia couched in lush vegetation and right on the sea. The hotel’s 181 rooms are nicely appointed and each one has a terrace that either looks out on the sea or one of the beautiful gardens. There is a very nice spa facility and pool, business services, complimentary parking, and plenty of exquisite dining and entertainment nearby.

It is not difficult to find a luxury accommodation in Sardinia. Some of the best 5 star hotels in Sardinia line beaches that travelers the world over desire to visit each and every year. With a little advance research you will be able to secure the perfect luxury accommodation for you.



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